Pineapple + Pineapple Corer £2.00 in Asda

Pineapple + Pineapple Corer £2.00 in Asda

LocalFound 8th Dec 2012
Been to Asda in Kendal tonight, they've got pineapples for £2 with the coring device thingy as well. Quite a bargain I think, makes it so much easier to slice it up

Great for eating, or housing a sponge and a snail...

- zcgby03

Note this is a store specific deal only, not necessarily nationwide. Worth calling stores to check offer.

- shuwaz
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Always wanted one of these
Paid about a tenna in Lakeland for a corer set (small, medium, large), quite handy if you're in a hurry but you do lose an awful lot of the fruit, and if you accidentally go through the bottom you get an almighty mess as the juice pours everywhere (and the core is a nightmare to get out of the middle of the corer).
Gave up and went back to trusty chefs knife
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Only a pound for the pineapple without the corer too!
couldn't see the deal online but will check in-store and see if available with the corer.good deal though!
Got one of these and it works great. Gut the top of the pineapple and the corer cuts the pineapple into rings.
Got these in Blackburn too
Have you tried this yet?
Is it not wasting too much of the pineapple?
Currently 80p each for a del monte pineapple at local Tesco extra(Walsall)
Considering my knife skills, it wastes a bit of pineapple but saves a lot of my fingers!
Bought one of these from Asda in Arnold last week, so not just specific to Kendal store. As other have said, they make a bit of a mess (juice everywhere) and leaves quite a bit of waste from a large pineapple. However, these corers are quick and easy!

Currently 80p each for a del monte pineapple at local Tesco extra(Walsall)

Must be nationwide as it is 80p at Tesco Extra Gallions Reach.
pineapple corers £1 in poundland or 99p in the 99p shop
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