Pineapples 50p in Netto

Pineapples 50p in Netto

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Pineapples 50p in Netto

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Not much else to say :-)


Calvin Harris

Nearly voted cold - thought it was 50p for Jedward single, which would be far too much!

well it looks like me gona have a pineapple upside cake today

I Love Pineapple!!

Apparently makes your **** taste sweet. So this may buy you more head. Worth chancing it for 50p.

A good way to tell if the pineapple is fresh.
Pull one of the green bits and if it comes out easily then it's a good one. If it doesn't pull out then i would leave it and try another.
Hope this helps someone!

hot £1 in lidl and i thought they were cheap

£1 is cheap
50p is... how did pineapples get so cheap?!

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£1 is cheap50p is... how did pineapples get so cheap?!

Exactly :thinking:

I saw a program the other day and most pineapples are hand picked and come from South Africa, they also have to travel in a temperature controlled climate. How they can sell them so cheap is hard to believe! So get them while you can at this price ;-)
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