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Posted 10 December 2022

Pingi Dehumidifier Car & Home LV-A300 - Absorbs Moisture Condensation Damp Keeping Windscreens Clear - 1 Reusable 299g Bag - £7.68 @ Amazon

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WHAT IS IT? A compact 299 g dehumidifier bag that absorbs moisture, condensation, mist, dampness and odours
ABSORBS 120 ml, colour indicator turns from blue to pink, 6 mins in microwave to renew
BENEFITS Economical (use time and again) time saver (no more misted windscreens or mirrors)
WHERE IS IT USEFUL? Car bathroom kitchen boat caravan garage shed motorhome loft WC
SAFE as it does not drip or leak. Allow the bag to cool after being in the microwave
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Do what I do.
    Clear the windscreen with the heater so that the moisture is in the air and then open the windows to let the moisture get blown out.
    Do your driving with the dial on feet and windscreen so the carpets get heat aswell and just before the end of your journey open the windows again to let moist air out.
    I very rarely have condensation on my windscreen and that's only when I forget to open windows before I end my journey.
    Great advice, I’ll try that thanks. 🍺
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    To reduce condensation, make sure blowers are on fresh air, not recirculating.

    Open windows as finish a journey to let warmer, moist air out.

    Open windows in morning to let drier, cold air in.
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    They do a two pack for £13.52 which is a better deal on Amazon
    Could you link to that? Can't easily find it through a search! £15 twin pack comes up but not the cheaper option. (edited)
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    These are quite often cheaper, they work really well though and definitely worth it.
  5. Avatar
    Cheaper at Euro Car Parts for the same item
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    I’ve have 2 of these on my dashboard for about 6 or 7 years now… I’m a plasterer so the damp from buckets etc in the boot of the van creeps past the bulkhead. 

    they certainly help… 

    Spin in the microwave or leave them on a rad and go again next week. 
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    I have read that you can do the same with cat litter crystals, no idea how you put that in a bag that can absorb water though
    Use a cotton sock
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    Got one of these for my daughters car and it works really well! Was a bit sceptical when ordered but no more misted up windscreens. Deffo worth getting one
    I have had 3 of these on my dash and have to say seemed to do nothing. Tried many times and still same results. 😩
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    This or make your own with cat litter from Aldi or Asda Smart price. Stuff it into an old sock or into tights. Works just as well
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    I had one and it was absolutely useless to be honest
    Same here unfortunately, it didn't work for me either. Some feedback above has been positive, with a few not so positive, which maybe won't sway those who are unsure whether to purchase this or not. I've also heard that the 'cat litter' option is a good alternative, although I've not tried that yet.
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    I have 4, which have been great for a few years. 2 on dash and 2 above boiler, swap them weekly. Some microwaves don’t like them so I just leave them on top of boiler
    Plan Stan
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    If you buy ones that actually contain silica gel, assuming that some fakes on ebay don't and you still have moisture issues in your car, either excess water is getting in via knackered seals etc, or you live in a swamp. (edited)
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    Looks decent but a few reviews show it exploding in the microwave which is a bit worrisome - has anyone already got this? any issues? thanks!
    You need to be mindful of what the bag is made of. But when cool I’ve had no issue putting a 1kg bags in the microwave for 15 mins. I tend to do 3 x 10 minute blasts on mine. Letting them cool between.

    I’ve tested putting them on a radiator or in the oven and these are hardly effective at removing the moisture compared to a microwave.
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    often see these in asda for £2 .... I've had a couple in the car and do seem to help, but you have to remember to recharge them, or it makes the condensation worse !
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    Home bargains have one like this (different brand) for I think £2. Might be worth checking out
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    Ordered one of these the other day as I've had loads of condensation on my windscreen lately. Totally clear this morning, so seems to work great. Recommended
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    I've had two of these from Aldi reduced to a couple of pounds.

    They are probably closer to 1kg each.

    On dry days I dry them on top of the car radiator, as they are too large to fall anywhere.

    One developed a hole & red grit was inside, but it's now stitched.

    I've bought 3.8kg of cat litter from Wilko and 3 pairs of tights from Savers for £1.99, & plan to make 6 absorbers to see how well they work.
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    Mist or condensation?

    As 'mist' solution - fine, but the car's blower will take care of that in 30 seconds. As a condensation solution they really do not work. If you think it though, it's obvious why.

    Cars leak air and heat massively. You add to all that moisture every car ride and loads of it will condense when the due point is guaranteed to be reached each morning and evening. Once your car is damp or wet with condensed water these things are useless (that happens within a couple of days) because they are wet and stay wet.

    They can take care of mist - like the condensation when you breath onto a mirror - which evaporates very easily I to largely dry air, but could not cope with the 25-50ml of water I accumulate twice a day.

    The stitching came undone and got mess in the car. Then you have the problem of how to dry them, and where?
    Your now damp house? Do you really want to transfer those wet car conditions to a room in your home? They take a long time to thoroughly dry out and be 'effective' again - the only chance for that is summertime.

    Karcher window vac collects 25-50ml morning and night after I've poured warm water from a clean milk carton to soften up the frost/ice. Changing the air with an open window at the start and end of a journey helps keep it down too. It makes so much more sense. (edited)
    You microwave them to get rid of the moisture and then put them back in the car.

    This won't make your house damp as the humidity sensors show 0% change due to the such low volumes. (edited)
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    Don't have a microwave, what are my options to "renew" it instead?
    Pop it on top of a radiator in your house for a while (if your heatings on)
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    They sell similar in store at Aldi £4.99.Reusable.
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    This is expensive but they work well. Using the 350g bag last year on my dash, window didn't fog up all winter.
    So far this winter it has fogged up every day in the last week without one so just purchased the 1kg bag for £9.99.
    Do you have the link for 1kg bag
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    got one form Aldi the other week seems to work
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    So it takes moisture out of the air and you have to microwave it to release the moisture back into the air... I'm confused
    Why are you confused, is your microwave in your car then?
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    Fleabay half the price
    Fleabay ones can be hit and mist, YMMV.
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    Save your money, I had this on my Range rover Velar and on the wife's panamera turbo and they didn't really make a difference.
    It's the cars.
    They're cheap Chinese tat.
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    Lots of recent reviews aren't positive
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    Had one worked well until first microwave, then not as well. (edited)
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    Really weird how personal experience of these varies so much

    May be quality control.issue or possibly those with bad experience have some water ingress into car so so higher moisture level ?

    Still on fence whether to buy !
    Setting aside fake items, the varying reports on success is probably to do with the level of moisture in the vehicle - they can soak up a reasonable amount of damp but they can't work miracles. If you have a mist on the inside of windows this will help sort it, but beads of water and a shower feature probably not. (edited)
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    Waste of time!
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    Had two of those. Didn't help much.
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    I have this exact one & it's rubbish!
    Same here, made no difference whatsoever
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    I've been using these for a few years now in my convertible and they are quite good at reducing misting but you do need to recharge them frequently and let them dry out for a while after taking them out of the microwave (as they will still be steaming). You really need to use 2 or three of them to make a difference. I bought them from Amazon for £5.01 and £6 in 2018/19 and as far as I am aware they were not on offer at the time. (edited)
    Where in the car do you place them , would they work if left under the seat or must they be left on dashboard
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    Excellent product, great for UK winter
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    Used 4 of these for a few years now. They work well. The circular indicators fail before the bags do. But still work fine
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    I have tried multiple of these and found they did nothing at all.. Not voted just feeding back my experience.
    Would I buy again, NO
    Probably too much damp in the atmosphere inside your vehicle, they can only extract a certain amount of moisture
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    I've used one, and it's hard to tell how much it helps. Whether the screen mists, and sometimes freezes inside, depends on more than just the temperature. For instance, if the air in the car is warmed by the sun prior to temp falling then condensation will happen as the glass cools. If you do try the bag and dry it in the microwave keep an eye on it and cancel at the first "crackle". I weigh it to tell if it's dried out, but I'm obsessive! This problem seems to be prevalent in vw's, is this true?
    What weight is your bag? I recon 1kg in the minimum. I use 2 x 1 kg bags.
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    Great for when your windscreen always get misted up before you get in your car & they do work.
    There are very similar ones on Amazon that were & I'm not to sure if they still are about £13 for 2 , which of course does a better job than one.... (edited)
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    Never worked on the Audi A3 i had,inside of windscreen was always soaking wet depending on weather.
  39. Avatar
    Crap product, don't waste your money
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