Pingu DVDs £1.93 @ The Hut (Pingu Forever! (The Ultimate Pingu Collection)/Pingu The Snowboarder (possibly 93p with voucher)

Pingu DVDs £1.93 @ The Hut (Pingu Forever! (The Ultimate Pingu Collection)/Pingu The Snowboarder (possibly 93p with voucher)

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Found 27th Jan 2010Made hot 28th Jan 2010
Pingu - Pingu Forever! (The Ultimate Pingu Collection): -
Pingu is a cheeky, charming young penguin who spends all his time playing with his friends and family. He is always landing himself in comical situations whilst living in his snowy world!

Join Pingu in his fun-filled adventures along with his family and friends. This bumper collection, chosen by the fans unites 24 of the funniest and best episodes for the first time - making Pingu Forever the ultimate collection!

Episodes include;
Pingu helps with incubating,
Pinga is born,
Pingu goes fishing,
Pingu helps to deliver mail,
Pingu is jealous,
Pingu and the snowball fight,
Pingu plays fish tennis,
Pingu runs away,
Pingu builds an igloo,
Pingu has music lessons from his grandfather,
Pingu in the ice cave,
Pingu's lavatory story,
Pingu and the seagull,
Pingu's first kiss,
Pingu's family celebrate Christmas,
Pingu's outing,
Pingu's birthday,
Pingu at the fairground,
Pingu the babysitter,
Pingu and the gift,
Pingu's visit to the hospital,
Pingu at the nursery,
Pingu the painter,
Pingu and the ghost.

Pingu - Pingu The Snowboarder: -
Join Pingu, his friends and family in 9 all new adventures, never before seen on DVD. In this fantastic collection of stories see Pingu get up to all kinds of mischief - from learning to snowboard to escaping the ice-maze, you'll soon be grinning from ear to ear. It's 'snow-wonder' everyone loves Pingu! Pingu the Snowboarder Pinga Has Hiccups Like Father Like Pingu Pingu's Ice Sculpture Pinga's Balloon Pingu and the Knitting Machine Pingu's Balancing Act Pingu Gets Lost Pingu and Pinga Go Camping


Pingu rocks.

Thank you.

buying!!! how many hours lost asa child watching pingu? all of them.

maaaap maaaap....

Fantastic! We have just started a Pingu obsession in this house (well the 2 year old has!)

Pingu's lavatory story is hilarious. Not seen it for years :-D…okM

fantastic hot deal

Was watching one of the DVDs yesterday and Pingu as over his mums knee and was getting a right spanking v funny

Nice find, I have a little one that'll appreciate these (I will too).

Pingu = Legend

Absolutely fab just lost out on a bid on one of these on ebay.... went for a lot more! My daughter finds Pingu hilarious

Great comfort DVD for my boy. Thanks.


£4.45:oops:gone up now:x

Thanks andy for this deal! It has been featured on the Hotukdeals blog, ]Playpennies
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