Pingu - Pingu Forever DVD £2.97
Pingu - Pingu Forever DVD £2.97

Pingu - Pingu Forever DVD £2.97

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DVD Description
Contains the following 24 episodes:

Pingu Helps With Incubating

Pinga is Born

Pingu Goes Fishing

Pingu Helps to Deliver Mail

Pingu is Jealous

Pingu and the Snowball Fight

Pingu Plays Fish Tennis

Pingu Runs Away

Pingu Builds an Igloo

Pingu Has Music Lessons From His Grandfather

Pingu in the Ice Cave

Pingus Lavatory Story

Pingu and the Seagull

Pingus First Kiss

Pingus Family Celebrate Christmas

Pingus Outing

Pingus Birthday

Pingu at the Fairground

Pingu the Babysitter

Pingu and the Gift

Pingus Visit to the Hospital

Pingu at the Nursery

Pingu the Painter

Pingu and the Ghost




has it got the famous episode where pingu gets pissed, serious question?


NOOG NOOG:thumbsup:

just got 8 copies for the baby and neices only cost me 3.99 quid delivered:thumbsup:

signed up for dvd rental and got 15 quid off order:-D they on 4 for 3 offer and 5% discount for being rental member

will cancell in a week after getting my two rentals:whistling:

Has it got on the episode when pingu is firing wee everywhere?

yes - Pingu's Lavatory story - a clasic!

Thanks, my youngest used to love this!

Ordered for nieces :thumbsup:

Nice one. Ordered for me.

Pingu is great

i love pingu!! thanks. ordered.

this is great - i bought it for about £6 and well worth it long dvd and Pingu is one fo the few kids cartoons that is ctually funny to watch being a mum - the stuff pingu gets away with!! lol

There are several other good titles for the same low price (2.97) that can be ordered to make the total over 15. I got Kipper, two Fireman Sam, Percy and Sooty and am paying below 18 pounds to have them delivered next week. Hot!

:-( Just placed an order yesterday! Would have ordered this if I had known - brother is a pingu fan :giggle:

Beautiful,thanks - the Pingu theme tune will not leave my head for months when this arrives!

Great spot...

Superb find - just ordered 4 for price of 3 and ordered a book, too - all for £13 delivered!!!


Why is this expired? price still same and its in stock.


Why is this expired? price still same and its in stock.

The link itself doesn't work. The direct link is amazon.co.uk/Pin…8-1

thanks , ordered for myself

cheers op - I just ordered 6 kids dvds and a book for £17.84

price now showing as £10.98

Received mine today, thanks OP


Why is this expired? price still same and its in stock.



cheers op - I just ordered 6 kids dvds and a book for £17.84

yikes - if I ordered today the same order would cost £27 more!!!!

cheers op!!!!!! :thumbsup:

Knowing how kids are nowadays, it any of your kids get bored with the pingu dvd, you could always take it to cex who currently give 5 cash and 6 credit!!!

My baby sister however likes pingu and i have an army of little nieces and nephews that will like this.

Oh btw thanks OP for the deal mines has been delivered. Rep left.
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