Pingu - Platinum Collection DVD - Just £2.93 ! Del - Asda DOTD

Pingu - Platinum Collection DVD - Just £2.93 ! Del - Asda DOTD

Found 12th Nov 2008Made hot 12th Nov 2008
Next best price @ SelectCheaper £4.84
The Kids will love it....................
The Platinum Collection combines all of the very best new Pingu episodes, along with 4 exciting games, PLUS the smash hit single by Eskimo Disco.

With a massive run time of 90 minutes these cheeky, charming stories prove that when it comes to fun, show-body does it better!

Bouncy Fun..
Robby The Snowboarder.
Pingu's Ice Sculptures.
Pingu and the Band.
Pingu's Stick-Up.
Pingu and the Doorbell.
Stinky Pingu.
Pingu and the Snowball.
Pottery Pingu.
Pingu at the Sledge Academy.
Pingu in a Box.
Pingu and the Paper Mache.
Pingu and the Toyshop.
Pingu and the School Pet.
Pingu and the Braces.
Pingu and the Abominable Snowman.
Pingu Boogaloo.
Special Features
Find Bajoo.
Dancing Pingu.
Crab Roulette.
Sledge Academy.
Photo Gallery.


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hot for the prince of penguins:roll:

Great Shout!!!! It's always good to see my younger brother doing so well

thanks big boy, wow I havnt said that for a while!

good deal thanks

£4.93 for me? ignore found it.

I have bought it JUST for that single - absolutely ace if you haven't seen it. Many thanks OP!

Are any of those episodes the one where he gets drunk?

Quality....just ordered

sold out

I love pingu :-D

Sold out - gutted!

i must have got the last one !
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