Pingu: The Complete Series 1 (DVD) for £3.29 @ Play.Com & Amazon

Pingu: The Complete Series 1 (DVD) for £3.29 @ Play.Com & Amazon

Found 9th Apr 2012
For the first time ever on DVD comes the entire first series of Pingu!

Share lots of laughter and giggles with everybody's favourite cheeky, charming penguin as he celebrates the arrival of his baby sister Pinga and gets up to all sorts of mischief with his best friend Robby, the fun-loving seal.

With 26 hilarious episodes it's 'snow wonder' everyone loves Pingu!

Episodes Comprise:

Pingu is Introduced
Pingu Helps with Incubating
Pinga is Born
Pingu Goes Fishing
Pingu Helps to Deliver the Mail
Pingu is Jealous
Pingu and the Snowball Fight
Pinga is Left Out
Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
Pingu and the Avalanche Incident
Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
Pingu and Pinga Don't Want to Go to Bed
Pingu on Makeshift Skis
Pingu Runs Away from Home
Pingu Builds an Igloo
Pingu Has Music Lessons
Pingu in the Ice Cave
Pingu's Tobogganing
Pingu's Lavatory Story
Pingu at School
Pingu's Grandfather is Sick
Pingu and Pinga Play Circus
Pingu and the Organ Grinder
Pingu and his Friends Play Too Loudly
Pingu's Parents go to a Concert
Pingu Dreams
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Who doesn't love Pingu?! nice find
I love Pingu ... obviously!
One episode gave my son nightmares (a sea lion type creature and dreams) but this is a great DVD. x

ETA> Might have been a walrus.
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