Pink and Silver DS Bundles in Stock now
Pink and Silver DS Bundles in Stock now

Pink and Silver DS Bundles in Stock now

Buy forBuy forBuy for£225
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Not sure what the going rate is on these as I am not looking for one but thought this might be of use for someone!

Like i said, not sure of current price so dont shout at me if its way too high!!

Hope this helps someone

Nintendo DS Lite - Pink inc 4 games and Intec Game Buds - Package (Video Games)

Description for Nintendo DS Lite - Pink inc 4 games and Intec Game Buds - Package (Video Games)
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The package contains:

A Nintendo DS Lite hand held games console - Pink
I Did It Mum
Bubble Bobble Double Shot
Fashion Designer

A pair of Intec "Game Buds" earphones for use with the Nintendo DS.

I Did It Mum (Girl)-


A collection of fun and educational minigames at pre-school aged girls, I Did It Mum features 12 minigames inspired by classic pre-school books and games
There are two versions of the game - one for boys and one for girls. The two versions have a different selection of minigames designed to appeal to sons and daughter alike, with the boy version featuring games "toy train" or "drive the car", and the girl version offering games like "colour the animals" or "little kitchen".
I Did It Mum offers simple but fun challenges for this age group, which they can enjoy completing with a parent.
Additional feature allowing a voice recording option for Mum to encourage their child when completing the mini games.

Gunpey -

Gunpey is another one of those magnificently-conceived and thoroughly addictive puzzle games from Q Entertainment - the developer responsible for Meteos and Lumines - with a bit of music-making thrown into the mix for good measure.

Gunpey's gameplay consists of rows of panels climbing upwards from the bottom of the screen. Players have to flip and move to connect lines inside the panels. When a line of panels reaches all the way from left to right, the panels explode, thus making room for more. Of course, if the panels rise all the way to the top of the screen, it's game over. Every move made by the player changes the in-game music, alowing skilled players to eventually deliver their very own musical performance. There is a selection of game modes available, such as Break Rule, Time Attack and 10X10, where the number of panels onscreen is doubled. With the the DS version, players can launch special attacks to temporarily disrupt their opponent's game and use the Sound Sets and Patterniser to create their own unique musical compositions.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot -

This time, take Bub, Bob and newcomer Bubu on a perilous journey through 100 levels of bubble-blowing mayhem. Master the new colour techniques and team up with friends for incredible three-player co-operative action!

Fashion Designer Style Icon-

Fashion designer is a design simulation game in the elegant environment of a top dress-making studio.
Taking the role of a young woman who wnats to conquer the world of fashion, you first attend fashion school-meeting friends and future competitors you will face throughout your future career!
Use your stylus to tailor your clothes, from selecting the cloth, cutting your patterns, sewing and ironing your fabric and accessories.
After graduating you create your own workshop, taking orders from customers including private clients, small boutiques, mail order companies, stars and VIPs.
After each mission, present your creations in catalogues, movie posters and on catwalk, where you can choose your models, hairstyles and creations. Your peformance will be rated according to tailoring time, fashion choices and accuracy as you attempt to advance your career on the way becoming the world's most famous fashion designer.


Original Poster

take it it aint a good deal then lol

I just got the email and thought I would share it.....bang goes my rep lol

Just looked at the email thought hey maybe some cheap ds ...........£225 madness

Original Poster

they appear to be doing the same with that as with the wii, turning it into a bundle so they can charge more!

Sorry if I have annoyed anyone with the high price, but I guess if your desperate.......................you still wont buy it lol

4 ten quid games

so thats £185 for the console

i got one a few months ago from littlewoods for £69..

Don't take the cold votes to heart honey xx

Bad Buy

'Seek and yee shall find!'

I picked up a DS lite from the blockbuster in BLACKBURN! (08/12/07)

£104.99 with starter pack and one game (mediocre choice of games)

or £99.99 with just starter pack

they had 8 in stock (silver, black and white) when i left at 20.05


the bloke on counter said a box of 20 DS units came in this morning and he was down to eight when i left -

he also said its extremely difficult get a DS but just dont ask about the Wii !!!
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