Pink balance bike £29.99 @ Amazon

Pink balance bike £29.99 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Jan 2014
Pink wooden balance bike. Best price I have seen for the wooden one before. Got it for my 3 years olds birthday in 2 weeks time.
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And so forth with the 'what's the point' comments. Save your breath. No one cares....
My boys got a balance bike great to get them started with riding a bike
It's a good start I think. Gives them more enjoyment and less frustration of a slow peddled equivalent
Just take the pedals off a proper bike. Instant balance bike, then pop them back on afterwards, simples. oO
Cold as looks naff - loads of better looking designs on market for max 10er more
Balance bikes are great but I would NOT recommend a wooden one. Simply not designed to withstand the elements (because obviously little one will want to ride it outside in all weather, not indoors).

I would recommend the metal one that sports direct sell, also via Amazon too.

Not votes either way but from experience would recommend avoiding wood!
I don't like the metal frame ones. For the time being anyway! I like the wood ones as there is something toy-like about them. My daughter is only 3. This bike is really pretty and girlie. Plenty of time for the metal framed bikes
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