Pink Chill 3L Rose £5 mistake at Coop

Pink Chill 3L Rose £5 mistake at Coop

Found 21st Apr 2013
My Dad was told to go and acquire some wine for my mother as my boyfriend and I were coming over for Sunday Dinner. Father picked up a box of Rose and took it to the till, it came up as £5!! Shortly after we cleared Lapal Coop of there 3L boxes but we thought we would let you all know just incase it's a national mistake!! My dad said "its not a bad pint, but it's a bit girly"

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Wow that's a brill find! Happy days
Just tried at my local (Monks Rd. Lincoln) -they didn't have 3 Litre boxes, only 2.25 Litre - these scanned at £13.99 :-(
The 3ltr boxes are on a clearance price now at £5 as they have replaced them with the 2.25ltr boxes. A few other stores may still have some left.
"Not a bad pint".
Got some!!!! thank you!!
National but as said above just clearance so staff have snapped them up at most stores!
Got 2 on friday in my local for a girly weekend away - the others said it was nice and a bargain!
Thanks for the info - Picked up 4 boxes from the Whalley Range Co-op today. They were shelf priced at £17.99 but scanned through at a fiver. Sampling it now - it's a bit sweeter than your average Rose wine but will be nice if the sun ever decides to shine!
Oh good!! I am so glad some of you guys got some happy days!!!
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