Pink Floyd Discovery Box Set MP3 Download £5.94 @ Amazon  Bonkers Price

Pink Floyd Discovery Box Set MP3 Download £5.94 @ Amazon Bonkers Price

Found 8th Jul 2013
All 14 studio albums downloaded at high quality for 43p a shot, individual tracks are on sale for 89p, box set on CD retails at £126. Get it quick before they must spot it as a clanger.

Use…697 for £2 off Amazon mp3 purchse, making this £3.94!
- dancedar
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HOT HOT HOT - I even got an extra £2 off for some reason!
Good spot.
Even at this price, no one will be losing out - it's only 1s and 0s
Not their biggest fan but couldn't resist at this price.

Wow - got the extra £2 off as well. Fantastic
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Thanks bought before they notice their mistake. Didn't know what to use my £1 credit for so this was very timely.

Heat added but this will probably not be around long enough to generate the heat it deserves.

Unfortunately in my eagerness to buy I forgot to go through a charity link.

Thanks again OP.
Thanks, incredible deal, listening now... before Amazon spot price glitch
too hot to handle
Wowzers oO
I got it nice spot thanks.
Hot deal
Almost wish I didn't own the CD version of this so I could feel the satisfaction of robbing Amazon blind.

The Final Cut is their most underrated work imo.

Amazon previously messed up with the 15 CD(!) Ryan Adams Live after deaf box set, this is even better though.
Sign up for mp3 newsletter and get 25% off as well as £1 credit
That's nuttier than a big old bag o nuts! Bought it, downloading as we speak. nice one floydman!

Sign up for mp3 newsletter and get 25% off as well as £1 credit

Where I cant see it
I think they should be selling the 5 track preview set.
This is the one at £4.95…rch

The full album set. at £93.40…r-1

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Quickest buy in my life, I nearly paid the full price on iTunes for this, thank god for 1-click!
It's on the Amazon MP3 & AutoRip page right hand side
is anyone else getting woeful download speeds? I'm still on the first song after 10 mins!?
Out of all the deals I've missed on this site, this one would have been without doubt the most devastating. So glad I got it while it was up!
Wow great spot.. Amazing deal..
Thanks op, great find.
Who says staying up late is bad for you
What was the original price?
Hot hot hot
Okay, downloading now...What quality should I expect from these?
cheers op, awesome spot!
Fantastic Find!! Got it on PC and Ipad. Thanks. Can go to sleep now
Best find ever on hukd !!..Thanks dude,awesome share
Thanks very much Floydman, without doubt one of the best deals I've ever seen on HUKD. Red hot and on fire!
Great deal, thanks a lot for posting! (_;)
Rocket deal Floydman...
Great price. I have half the albums but nice to get the collection in one hit for uploading to my IPod. Couldn't turn it down at under £6
Excellent spot, purchased!

£99.99 on iTunes oO
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Downloading now on works wifi :-)
Wow, had a voucher as well from a previous purchase. Nice :o)
Thank you! £87.99 on Google Play.
Get in, people. Roll a spliff, discover Meddle. Roll a bigger spliff, discover Shine On (I'm working on the basis that you already know Dark Side). When punk came along to destroy prog rock, these people were NOT the problem. Broaden your mind for six quid.

I am aware that there is a generation of people who maybe don't understand the schism between punk and prog in the late 70's. I'm not that old myself but found Floyd/Zeppelin late in the day. At the end of it all you can like Floyd or not, but if you haven't considered them, you are culturally deficient, they are that important you have to give them a listen, so here you are. Get in.

With the rider that Pink Floyd deserve decent hi-fi and FLAC. This offer is MP3. Fine on your headphones but audiophiles are going to see the join via decent living room kit.
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