Pink Floyd - Oh By The Way [16 CD Boxset] CD £79.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Pink Floyd - Oh By The Way [16 CD Boxset] CD £79.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Found 21st Jun 2009Made hot 22nd Jun 2009
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To celebrate their 40th year as EMI recording artists Pink Floyd release the first ever boxset to contain all 14 of their studio albums The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, Obscured By Clouds, More, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, The Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut, A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell.
Each album is presented in the popular and collectable mini vinyl sleeve packaging, in a bespoke box featuring brand new Floyd imagery from long-time artwork collaborator Storm Thorgerson.
The Studio album comes with a 40th anniversary Pink Floyd poster printed onto cotton only available with this boxset.


Original Poster

Disc 1

Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)
Matilda Mother (Pink Floyd)
Flaming (Pink Floyd)
Pow R. Toc. H (Pink Floyd)
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (Pink Floyd)
Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd)
The Gnome (Pink Floyd)
Chapter 24 (Pink Floyd)
The Scarecrow (Pink Floyd)
Bike (Pink Floyd)
Disc 2

Let There Be More Light (Pink Floyd)
Remember A Day (Pink Floyd)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Pink Floyd)
Corporal Clegg (Pink Floyd)
A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)
See-Saw (Pink Floyd)
Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd)
Disc 3

Cirrus Minor (Pink Floyd)
The Nile Song (Pink Floyd)
Crying Song (Pink Floyd)
Up The Khyber (Pink Floyd)
Green Is The Colour (Pink Floyd)
Cymbaline (Pink Floyd)
Party Sequence (Pink Floyd)
Main Theme (Pink Floyd)
Ibiza Bar (Pink Floyd)
More Blues (Pink Floyd)
Quicksilver (Pink Floyd)
A Spanish Piece (Pink Floyd)
Dramatic Theme (Pink Floyd)
Disc 4

Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Pink Floyd)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Pink Floyd)
A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)
Disc 5

Sysyphus Part 1 (Richard Wright)
Sysyphus Part 2 (Richard Wright)
Sysyphus Part 3 (Richard Wright)
Sysyphus Part 4 (Pink Floyd)
Grantchester Meadows (Roger Waters)
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict (Roger Waters)
The Narrow Way Part 1 (David Gilmour)
The Narrow Way Part 2 (David Gilmour)
The Narrow Way Part 3 (David Gilmour)
Disc 10

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5 (Pink Floyd)
Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd)
Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-8 (Pink Floyd)
Disc 11

Pigs On The Wing 1 (Pink Floyd)
Dogs (Pink Floyd)
Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Pink Floyd)
Sheep (Pink Floyd)
Pigs On The Wing 2 (Pink Floyd)
Disc 12

In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd)
The Thin Ice (Pink Floyd)
Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 (Pink Floyd)
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (Pink Floyd)
Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd)
Mother (Pink Floyd)
Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)
Empty Spaces (Pink Floyd)
Young Lust (Pink Floyd)
One Of My Turns (Pink Floyd)
Don't Leave Me Now (Pink Floyd)
Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 (Pink Floyd)
Goodbye Cruel World (Pink Floyd)
Disc 13

Hey You (Pink Floyd)
Is There Anybody Out There? (Pink Floyd)
Nobody Home (Pink Floyd)
Vera (Pink Floyd)
Bring The Boys Back Home (Pink Floyd)
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
The Show Must Go On (Pink Floyd)
In The Flesh (Pink Floyd)
Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
Waiting For The Worms (Pink Floyd)
Stop (Pink Floyd)
The Trial (Pink Floyd)
Outside The Wall (Pink Floyd)
Disc 14

The Post War Dream (Pink Floyd)
Your Possible Pasts (Pink Floyd)
One Of The Few (Pink Floyd)
When The Tigers Broke Free (Pink Floyd)
The Hero's Return (Pink Floyd)
The Gunners Dream (Pink Floyd)
Paranoid Eyes (Pink Floyd)
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert (Pink Floyd)
The Fletcher Memorial Home (Pink Floyd)
Southampton Dock (Pink Floyd)
The Final Cut (Pink Floyd)
Not Now John (Pink Floyd)
Two Suns In The Sunset (Pink Floyd)
Disc 15

Signs Of Life (Pink Floyd)
Learning To Fly (Pink Floyd)
The Dogs Of War (Pink Floyd)
One Slip (Pink Floyd)
On The Turning Away (Pink Floyd)
Yet Another Movie/Round And Around (Pink Floyd)
A New Machine Part 1 (Pink Floyd)
Terminal Frost (Pink Floyd)
A New Machine Part 2 (Pink Floyd)
Sorrow (Pink Floyd)
Disc 16

Cluster One (Pink Floyd)
What Do You Want From Me (Pink Floyd)
Poles Apart (Pink Floyd)
Marooned (Pink Floyd)
A Great Day For Freedom (Pink Floyd)
Wearing The Inside Out (Pink Floyd)
Take It Back (Pink Floyd)
Coming Back To Life (Pink Floyd)
Keep Talking (Pink Floyd)
Lost For Words (Pink Floyd)
High Hopes (Pink Floyd)

** Plus More **

What a great deal. If I didn't have them all anyway, I'd certainly go for this.

A good deal for anyone who hasn't got these albums already but there is nothing new in this set and the compact discs have not been remastered nor do they have any additional tracks from the previous versions, so if you have the CDs you are buying the same product again. An excellent price though at circa £50 off anywhere alse.

The market has responded: £75.83 @ The Hut

Got it all on vinyl but if I had the money I'd be interested... Might see if "the market responds a bit louder" and plump for it!

Back up to £133.95 now at Zavvi . . .

£133 everywhere now
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