Pink Floyd - The Division Bell CD £4.99 delivered @ HMV

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell CD £4.99 delivered @ HMV

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Found 28th Feb 2010
Not seen this album as cheap before; Powerplay Direct have it for a decent £5.99 but elsewhere this is: -
DVD Source £7.99
Blah £8.31
Amazon UK £10.93
Zavvi £10.95
Play £11.99

The slow melodious instrumental overture that announces "Cluster One" trumpets the return of one of rock's most enigmatic ensembles - Pink Floyd. And in reclaiming centre stage in the arena, 'The Division Bell' straightaway tolls a characteristic chime of ambivalence, as a voice cries out from the heart of a massed chorale and strings, "What Do You Want From Me".

But for longtime fans of Pink Floyd, 'The Division Bell' offers an immense, reassuring sense of scale, as David Gilmour and company continue to expand upon the dark subtexts, rich orchestral textures and densely detailed arrangements that are the band's psychic and sonic signatures.

And somewhere in the heart of all this darkness, David Gilmour's arching, anthemic guitar provides a powerful melodic focus, especially when he can provide all the "vocal" intensity himself, as onthe moody instrumental tone poem "Marooned", where he seemsto be floating out of Earth orbit until Nick Mason's strong, centred drumming grounds his elisions in the gravitationalpull of a simple backbeat. The closing "High Hopes" mixes mysticism with a dream-the-impossible groove, as Pink Floyd looks back longingly at old times and old friends.

1. Cluster One
2. What Do You Want From Me
3. Poles Apart
4. Marooned
5. A Great Day For Freedom
6. Wearing The Inside Out
7. Take It Back
8. Coming Back To Life
9. Keep Talking
10. Lost For Words
11. High Hopes


Seems expensive for one good track ("High Hopes") :lol:

(Kidding by the way ;-) )


Seems expensive for one good track ("High Hopes") :lol:(Kidding by the … Seems expensive for one good track ("High Hopes") :lol:(Kidding by the way ;-) )

I love the early Floyd gear more than the new, but I have to say even though I didn't like this when I first heard it, I thinks it's ace now... Dead relaxing...

I was kinda stunned to see this featured on stamp as a classic album cover (not Animals or Dark Side..?), but I guess I'm gonna have to buy a copy now.

Classic: hot
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