Pink - Funhouse (with Bonus Track) CD - £4.99 delivered at BangCD plus 10% Quidco
Pink - Funhouse (with Bonus Track) CD - £4.99 delivered at BangCD plus 10% Quidco

Pink - Funhouse (with Bonus Track) CD - £4.99 delivered at BangCD plus 10% Quidco

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Pink's latest album Funhouse with bonus track only £4.99.

Apparently, it's a flop in the States, but it's a good price for any Pink fans I'm sure.

Don't forget to go through Quidco for 10%.



Good price, thanks LadyA

Next cheapest I can see is £ 7.99 @ Itunes or £ 8.89 @ Sendit!

brill price Thanks


Added a pic to your deal Thanks for your post

Original Poster

Thanks guys, I thought I'd probably miss something from my first post! :thumbsup:

Great price, going to make nice xmas present

Thank you,just ordered:thumbsup:

This is a good album, different to her others. You need to listen to it a few times.
Great price.


Bought this album last week Fan Bluddy tastic, best PINK has done:-D:-D

Yeah it is a really good album. I have had it on in the car for the past week or so.


fantastic album from pink and good price

Great price. £1 off voucher not working for me, but still a great price anyway. Thanks.

can't complain for a fiver!:thumbsup:

good price. Anyone found any good cutlery deals lately? could do with a fork for my eye

Great, just ordered, would have bought it for 7.99 earlier today from CDWOW if their site had worked...

thank you so much perfect stocking filler bargain at 3.99

thanks thanks thanks!!! just ordered pink and high school musical 3!!! woop woop xxx

cool i just bought it for my mum to give to my little sis. lol. Great price, plus now my mum will seem like she is with-it and knows youth music.

seriously good price! bought it on pre-order for £6.99 from BangCD, its only been out a couple of weeks! Very good album. Heat + rep added!

Nice find, that's another Christmas present sorted!

Is this her latest album?

Sorry, just realised it is!

Went To Asda Today, Paid £9 Something, Got This, Back To Asda For Refund!:)

great price, i prefer her looks over the music like, but still a hot price.

anyone know where i can get a poster of the album cover?

Cheers, got it for wife for her birthday

Just checked my bank statement and i have been charged 6.60 for the item and a 1.50 charge for using a debit card WTF ?

Has anyone else had this problem?

paid £4.99 with paypal.....

has anyone actually received it yet? or had a confirmatiion email?

read a thread on here that someone bought from this site for £4.99 but got charged £6.60 plus £1.50 c/card fee so beware


read a threead on here that someone bought from this site for £4.99 but … read a threead on here that someone bought from this site for £4.99 but got charged 6.60 plus £1.50 c/card fee so beware

Thats me !

I've emailed the company but heard nothing.

It was a debit card i used,i could perhaps understand the charge if it was a credi card but it wasnt.

BTW ive received the cd but i only bought it coz it was cheap,wouldnt have bothered as its now cost me over 8 quid instead of a fiver.

del last weekend....£4.99 through paypal

i had hoped some others may have seen this,i posted a thread on misc but not much response.

People dont always check their bank statements so its important to know if this company charges card users a 1.50 fee or whether its a mistake

Bit of a joke this company,had an email back asking me to send my bank statement as an email attachment!

As if i'm gonna let them see my personal details,ive copied and pasted the relevant part,awaiting on a reply.

Why on earth do they want to see that,they must have a record of what they have taken from my bank account ffs without me proving it!

hi mine came this morning. and i was only charged 4.99 through paypal

Lesson learnt here,only use paypal:x

Email from the company,i just clicked the link in the OP,i didnt even notice it was in dollars.:w00t:

Looking at your order it appears that you selected to pay in US Dollars rather than GBP and due to the exchange rate plus the fact that your bank has probably charged you a £1.50 admin fee/currency conversion fee would suggest the price you have been charged.

This is completely beyond our control since we did not advise you to select US Dollars when paying for the item and of course we have no control over what your bank/debit card company charges you when paying in a foreign currency.

nice one
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