Pink ipod shuffle 1gb £28.18 @ pixmania

Pink ipod shuffle 1gb £28.18 @ pixmania

Found 19th Oct 2008
i'm not sure which generation this is, but for £28 i thought this is a good price for a x-mas present! I think it's 4th? (it says 4g under the description so maybe it is?!)
Hope it helps someone!
Oh I also don't know how much postage is...
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Remember. If you want an ingraved version to give as a present and the new colours head over to apple store.
I just brought the red one. Some of it goes to product(RED) charity as well. got mine for £32 delivered.
Is it just pink?
Whats so special with the shuffle? Im voting hot as its a deal on the product but heres a recommendation....

Sandisk Sansa Clip- 2gb version is only £30 from currys in black and it has a 1.1" OLED display, great sound quality and backed with a 2year warranty(apple has 1 right?). I got the 4gb sansa clip from currys for £40 in silver and its VERY good, much better than the shuffle and is cheaper in reality, 1gb version costs about £15-£20. Also its about the same size as the shuffle.

Edit: It also has a better battery life(so it says) and so far mines lasted 10hours constant playing of mp3 320kbp/s songs so it is VERY close, 15hours is with 128 or 192kbp/s music.

(its still going)
Pretty expensive for a shuffle. You're better off with one with a screen.
Not bad, although if can handle 'just like new', then 1GB refurbs are regularly going for £25 delivered at the Apple store. Purple and Silver at the moment, but it changes all the time.
Expensive as hell !
Postage works out at £3.90 by Royal Mail or an eye watering £11.50 by UPS. I would buy refurb. The shuffles are nice and all, but £30+ for a GB of music is a lot to ask for these days.
sorry, voted cold, the sony 2gb at £9.99 is much better value
Personally I don't need a 2gb shuffle and wouldn't pay the additional 9.99. I think these are brilliant. Extremely user friendly I use mine every day for running. Mainly listening to podcasts downloaded onto itunes, drag and drop. Extremely quick to use, battery lasts an age, so simple and reliable. I'm more than happy to pay a bit more. The advantage of this not having a screen also means it weighs about the same as a 50p. Truly portable.
i own a silver shuffle - got it free from tesco dvd rental some time ago. Yes they are good, but a 1gb mp3 player for £30? you'd have to be nuts to pay that much. get an unbranded one for 1/3 of the price.
I won't touch Pixmania again... Not voted.

sorry, voted cold, the sony 2gb at £9.99 is much better value

But surely the point is whether this a good deal for an iPod Shuffle, not whether there are better alternatives out there?
can get silver/purple at the apple refurb page:…Pod

Yep. The curse of Pixmania is bad enough. But now it's owned by DSG Group you may as well throw your money down a drain.
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