Pink Lemonade Lucozade - 1 Litre £1 @ One Stop

Pink Lemonade Lucozade - 1 Litre £1 @ One Stop

Found 11th Mar 2013
One pound for one litre of Pink Lucozade at One Stop IN STORE

Usually the 500ml is over £1 so thought this was a good buy

Available nationally
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TIL Lucozade is a cigarette.
Aimed at young females, promoted as lemonade, contains 3 times more sugar than normal lemonade.
Who gives a crap. If anything it makes you the sexist one for believing young females are too naive to choose a drink of their own accord.
I'm voting every deal you try to derail hot by the way, to compare this to Torches of Freedom is just plain daft and the quicker you're banned for constantly doing it the better. Go post on the mensealth forums because this is a site for finding good deals, not for preaching on what people should or shouldn't consume.
Also £1 in Asda x
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