Pink lining blooming gorgeous changing bag £36.95 @ Bounty

Pink lining blooming gorgeous changing bag £36.95 @ Bounty


furious!! I paid £70 for mine

+£4.95 Delivery

yay! now my only problem is which one to choose?? thanks for posting

Wow fab price have some heat!!

How good are these bags? My wife has been looking for a bag and liked the PacaPod Mirano but this particular bag seems good value for money.

Excellent price..
Although the one with the side pockets is very handy.
Speedking- this bag is a perfect size to carry bubs stuff in and looks classy when worn. It is deceivingly spacious and has the appropriate compartments that you can need. I speak with reference to the bag with side pockets which may be slightly bigger?

Nice bags!

Oh if only my 3yr old was still mini, good deal for a fab bag!

Love my bag! Used it for both my chickens and is wearing very well. I paid £75 for it 2 years ago, so this is a fab price!

debating on buying one IF we decide to have another!! lol


Amazing price!! Just bought myself a purple dragonfly one :):) thanks for posting!!

Cheers OP and everyone with their feedback on the bag. Ordered the wife the peppermint one and a host of other toys for our soon to be new born which bumped me over for free delivery

Love my bag I've got two because I used them that much with both little ones well worth the money, great price I paid a lot more for mine

Offer ended
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