Pink Samsung E900 O2 PAYG £100 or £80 with possibly invalid voucher

Pink Samsung E900 O2 PAYG £100 or £80 with possibly invalid voucher

Found 23rd Nov 2006Made hot 23rd Nov 2006
Due to an apparent printing error in the latest Grattans catalogue, which they seem to have decided to honour, Grattans/Freemans are offering the above.

In order to process these orders they had to create a special product code as the proper code brought it up at the full price. This special product code can be used to order online and I would strongly suggest using the Freemans site as it applies the discount voucher code straight away and you can pay by credit/debit card.

You have to put the product code in the Quick Order boxes. It is not recognised if you search for it.

Product code is 65C435
Go to…asp
20% Discount Code is EDWP but the T&Cs state that this code is not valid for mobile phones (but is automatically applied in any case.)

Apparently also available if you phone.

So far I have had a email confirmation. Then I had a letter of which sayed "due to popularity our stocks of goods are low but" will send asap (if you know what I mean) Now I have had a letter to say sorry can't sell it at the £99.99 because of a printing error but will sell it at £149.99. When can a catalogue firm say that you can't get it even when I have had 2 confirmations in a 15 day period. I can sign up to a company but get a 7 day cooling period on some things - how can they get 15 days ????
What would my rights be ???
- r.hutchison


just ordered one as a christmas pressy, total came to £80 but as you say the likely cost will be £100 but still at that price a bargain

oh i cant find it would love this one can someone help me please or hasw it gone

Original Poster

You have to use this link…asp

and add 65C435

dont panic you must click quick order at top of first page and then type in the 65C435

sorry matto see your link went straight to it

thanks matto i'm over the moon just brought 2 for 160 pounds 1 for me and my mum wanted one fantastic deal i hope they honour them .well spotted .thanks for your help also dogsballs .

i think i was just having a blonde moment in all the excitement .

Boohoo, just tried to order one for my girlfriend and they are out of stock! :-(

hi i just tried and still states in stock try again quickly if you can

just ordered one for my wifes xmas pressie, does anyone know what network its on

It says delivery in 9 days when you press the check stock button and then it doesnt let you add it to the basket???

good 4 you she will love it it should be o2 as matto states

How is everyone doing this?

let me know if you got one as would hate you to miss out

basket empty! this is driving me crazy!

Just Ordered 12. But No Mention Of Delivery Date. Just Said Does Not Qualify For Next Day Delivery???????/

Aaaarrgghhhh - driving me mad - why cant i do it????

delivery should be 7 days, traveller did you use my link keep trying i hope you get one

12 phones :oops:

Yeah Ive tried all the links that are in this post - all say basket empty as delivery is due in 9 days????

thank you just ordered 1 for £80. Also went through QUIDCO, which is another 6% :thumbsup: once again its the xmas shopping finished without actually getting off my arse:oops:

got one for my daughter, it says stock reserved delivery within 9 days

thank you :-D

When I say delivery in 9 days - I read the help bit about that and it states that they are out of stock for 9 days. Soooo annoying and very confusing as to why everyone else can buy one except me!!!

Yep I Brought 12 Phones As Planning To Dish Out As Xmas Prezzies. My Xmas Shopping Is Done!

Do you have to already be an account holder or something? What am I doing wrong??? I've clicked the link, put in the code, bought up the item, click add basket and it says basket empty???

i have never bought from there b4 and mine went through without any prob

It shows I have 13 of the bloody things in the basket but if I click go to checkout it says basket empty. Can anybody explain this?

It's got to be my browser or something as i cant add anything from freemans and then view it in my cart! I give up!

Sorry for the million posts guys. I downloaded Firefox and it worked. Damn IE7! Thanks for all the help.

fair play traveller, well done lol

Thanks to the OP, I ordered one a little while ago. Unfortunately I can't see myself with a pink phone, I think I may just give it to my sister :thumbsup:

Cheers again.

ordered 2 of these earlier 1 from grattan using zk29 to get 20% off and 1 from freemans using code edwp to get 20% off,,both came up as £80 each.

a friend of mine has this colour and i would say it is more red than for the guys or gals who want 1 and your footy team play in red get there logo as screen'll look wicked.....thanks op:thumbsup:

Mine registered the code for 20% but didnt show upon the checkout - £100 for this phone is still a bargain.

fingers crossed we all get them

well done traveller so pleased you got one lets hope we get the orders now


I just ordered this online, new customer, using my debit card. My mam will love it! I had an email confirming my order. How do I find my customer number so I can register and log into my account via the website?



your customer number was on the conformation page at end of your order


your customer number was on the conformation page at end of your order

This is true, although freemans do no offer a tracking facility:thumbsup:
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