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Posted 4 September 2022

Pinnacle Laterite 1 Road Bike £349 + £14.99 delivery @ Evans Cycles

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Good reliable bike for commuting or entry level road cycling. I know a few people with it and it's very decent value.
Currently available in sizes M,L,XL

Key Features
lightweight and durable 6061 heat treated aluminium frame

Lightweight and comfortable carbon blade fork with alloy steerer and mudguard mounts

14 speed Shimano Tourney A070 drivetrain with gear indicators ideal for beginner cyclists

Tektro R315 long drop dual pivot calipers are easy to maintain and set up at home whilst extra length makes them compatible with full coverage mudguards

Schwalbe Lugano 700x25C offer excellent grip in a variety of conditions and weathers. Clearance for 28mm tyres with mudguards and 32mm tyres without
Evans Cycles More details at Evans Cycles
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    This seems like a good deal for a basic road bike if you are okay with buying from this seller.

    A few of the reviews suggest that the fitted Lugano tyres offer very poor puncture protection, so you have to factor in the potential cost of better tyres.
    This is a very basic spec. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a road bike like this fitted with Shimano 7 Speed Tourney gears. They are normally reserved for the cheapest of the cheap mountain or hybrid bikes.

    If you only have a budget of £350 to spend on a road bike then I strongly suggest going down the second hand route. The ridiculous covid lockdown premium is a thing of the past now and you can get good value buying second hand again.
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    Don’t buy from Evans. They messed up several of my bike orders and treat the products like crap. Please, literally shop anywhere else
    It's a Mike Ashley brand now!!!
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    Better gears, but a steel fork, and the overall weight could be around 1kg heavier (Evans ~10.2kg, Merlin newer model with disc brakes ~11.6kg so this one won't be much lower). Arguably better looking though. (edited)
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    I am not convinced with the Evans website's original £750 price for this bike, when all the reviews are based on this lower price. All in all, not a horrible bike for the money, the frame itself seems reasonable, so could be an ok starter bike with the intention to swap out components when needed, but would probably cost more in parts than just finding a nearly new low-end Triban or Trek further down the line which would already have the slightly higher spec.
    I think you are being rather polite in saying that you are not convinced with the quoted original price of £750. Frankly that price is total and utter nonsense (would have used a stronger word but didn't want to be censored). Evans used to be a proper bike chain but now they are part of Sports Direct they effectively own brands like Pinnacle which means that they can make up any old numbers they feel like for par RRPs.

    Very sad for any remaining Evans employees of long standing and very confusing for punters who just want to be treated with respect when they are buying their first bike.
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    Mike Ashley own brand - no thanks!
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    Shimano Tourney, the lowest of lows and with 7 speed, you got to be joking because you can buy a Carrera from Halfords equipped with 8 speed.
    Yep...most bikes in this price range should at least come with Claris. They are still a pain to get cassettes as the specs are pretty limiting...8-speed, max 26T I think.
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    Decent alloy frame and carbon forks the rest is the low end budget parts and definitely not worth the £750 RRP.
    For £364 it okayish there are probably better spec bikes out there.
    Stick a pair of mudguards on and would be an ideal winter commute bike (edited)
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    I think this is decent, I don't know what else would be clearly ahead of it for the same money, in this price range you are gonna be cutting corners. Pinacle are a good brand too.
    I think you are remembering back to the good old days of Pinnacle pre Sports Direct ownership. Unfortunately it, like a number of famous old brands, has been ruined by Sports Direct. Just a lot of cheap tat with inflated RRPs which they then discount by ludicrous percentages.
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    I was wondering what all the hate was for Evans (admittedly I haven't shopped with them for a few years, but things can't have got that bad that quickly, surely...?). And then I saw that Mike Ashley bought them, and now I have no further questions.

    While lower Shimano groupsets have got a lot better over the past few years, Claris is about as low as I think you'd want to go. Sora and tiagra pretty decent these days.

    However, in this price range, you're very unlikely to get that these days, so this is by no means a bad deal, but prob still worth getting the equivalent level bike from Halfords, who will set up and you can get support from (esp important as likely to be a first bike).
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    Shop anywhere else.
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    Order bike of evans ..was never deliver by avri ex hermes ..what a waste of time..say refused delivery which is bshit
    Hermes issue that!! And common!
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    Had no idea about Evans being so badly rated these days, thanks for the info.

    I had been looking at some of their bikes, and the Tribans at Decathlon (but they have their own issues with the tyres it seems)...that one at Wiggle posted above might be best for a newbie / returner like me. (edited)
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    I was looking at a few Pinnacle bikes today. It seems that since 2019 some models have been specced down….ie take the same name and put it on an inferior bike.
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    This or a triban ?
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    Around this price I would want a freehub based drivetrain with a minimum of an 8 gear cassette and either Claris or Microshift brifters. No way would I pay this for a freewheel based road bike with tourney brifters. You can get a Carrera Virtuoso for £400 at Halfords and often there are ways of driving that price down, discounted gift cards, cashback, 10% off for certain memberships.

    If this was Claris based it would be a good option for sure. Pay a little bit extra to get Claris or similar.
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    Triban RC120, same price minus delivery, better spec. (edited)
    It is a better spec overall but looking at the reviews a lot of component failures and changed components. Also some horror stories for how the bike was badly assembled with different sized bearings in the same hub. Makes Halfords sound super professional in comparison. I think thats always the way with stores like this though where training can be patchy you will always get a few horror stories. I mean Halfords sell about 4 in every 10 bikes sold in the UK. No way every customer is going to get a good experience even with a 0.5% issue rate that is still thousands of customers. So I accept the criticisms of Decathlon may not be typical of all stores and Decathlon sell a lot more bikes in the UK nowadays.

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    I've got the Laterite 2 (2019) it's never let me down yet.
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    I actually bought this in 2018 , did ride london twice on it

    heres the review pre Ashley days before he got hold of Evans ,

    Claris 2x8, a fair step up from a 2x7 Tourney freewheel.