Pinnacle PCTV To Go Wireless £79.99 or less @ Maplin
Pinnacle PCTV To Go Wireless £79.99 or less @ Maplin

Pinnacle PCTV To Go Wireless £79.99 or less @ Maplin

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I wanted to watch Sky on my computer and it came down to another STB (could watch FTA / FTV already but not encrypted channels), SlingBox or PCTV. I chose based on price and guess which won - PCTV seems to be a direct competitor to SlingBox.

(£79.99, you can use a £3 voucher and 3% QuidCo to reduce further)

I held off posting this deal until I bought one which I did earlier from my local store (last one) - was stuck in the store room not on display.

Right now it's configured to connect via WiFi to my existing network using WPA encryption and I'm viewing it on my computer connected over Ethernet to my router (which serves both WiFi + Ethernet). Throughput is about 2-3 Mbps and about 5-7 Mbps directly (over cable) and seems to work quite nicely but like with every new product one has to abuse it for a few days to know if it truely works.

I've managed to connect both a laptop directly and desktop computer wirelessly watching the same channel perfectly. I've also managed to watch on two computers over WiFi but as you'd expect the bandwidth available will be split and quality / throughput will reduce significantly.

It seems to be a clone of a Hava product (more known in the USA) but that doesn't imply that it's inferior, quite the opposite.

Runs Linux under the hood and streams over proprietary protocols and rtsp streaming protocol (very very low quality more suited to mobile phones).

Any questions just ask.

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could I use any old browser to view the stream? I want to use a WinCE4.0 device running IE5. I can't load any 3rd part apps or upgrade the browser.
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