Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Double Din DVD Player iPod Control USB AUXIN - £282.94 @Dynamic Sounds

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Double Din DVD Player iPod Control USB AUXIN - £282.94 @Dynamic Sounds

Found 4th Jul 2010
Pioneer Double-DIN Multimedia Player with 5.8-inch Screen, iPod Direct Control, USB and Aux-in. Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Main Features:

* MOSFET 50W x 4 Maximum Power Output
* AM/FM Tuner (24 pre-set stations)
* Plays
o Your DVD film collection (including DVD-R/-RW discs in VR Mode)
o Your CD collection (including CD-R/-RW and Video CD)
o MP3, WMA, AAC (iTunes), JPEG photos and DivX film on CD and DVD
o Your iPod / iPhone via the optional CD-IU50V cable
o Your USB storage device via a front-in input
o An AV source (MP3 player or games console) via a front Aux-in
* 5.8-inch QVGA touch-screen
* 2-DIN integrated entertainment hub
* Dual Button illumination
* 112 colour variations
* DVD Region Code 2
* Bluetooth ready with optional CD-BTB200 adapter
* Remote Control Ready (Optional)

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Connections:
* IP Bus input (+)
* You can control multiple sources through the IP-Bus connection; you can literally transform your car into a mobile multimedia centre. Add a CD changer, DVD player or TV Tuner.
* Additionally, you can add several unique adapters that will enable you to enjoy your iPod or Bluetooth mobile phone, for example. Click the 'Accessories' tab above to see all your available options.
* Front Aux-in (AV Input)
* The Aux-in allows you to connect external music and video sources (with RCA outputs). This means that you can connect your MP3 player, PDA or games console, for example.
* 2 x RCA preouts (Front, Pre-out or S/W)
* 1 x RCA video
* 1 x Video output
* Optical Digital Out
* Hard wired remote input (+)
* The Hard Wired Remote input allows you to connect the CD Tuner directly to your cars own steering wheel remote control. You can then control your CD Tuner with the steering wheel remote control.
* Direct sub drive (+)
* Instead of connecting 2 rear speakers, you can opt to connect a subwoofer in 2ohm mode to one of the rear speaker outputs. 70W power will be delivered to the woofer for a powerful bass sound experience, without the need for an extra amplifier.
* It's an easy solution for lovers of booming bass.
* 4V High voltage output
* By providing a strong signal, with less noise and more definition, the Hi-Volt pre-outs reduce demand on the input circuit of the amps so they can work with lower gain settings, resulting in improved sound quality and a wider dynamic range.
* Front USB Input
* Multi-channel surround sound ready Yes, via DEQ-P6600 multi-channel digital signal processor
* Rear camera input

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Screen Features:
* Selectable wide screen modes
* Auto display brightness & backlight adjustment
* Rear camera switching
* 16:9 Aspect ratio
* 128,1 x 71 mm Effective display area

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Audio Features:
* Equaliser 3-band Parametric EQ (multi-channel)
* Source Level Adjuster (+)
* Advanced Sound Retriever (+)
* Loudness
* Low Pass Filer
* High Pass Filter
* 1 Bit D/A Convertor
* Dolby Digital
* DTS (Digital out)

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD iPod Compatibility:
* iPod Ready with optional CD-IU50V iPod to USB interface cable
* Works with iPhone
* Compatible Generations (+) September 2005 onwards
* iPhone 3G September 2008 2.0
* iPhone November 2007 2.0
* iPod Touch (Generation 2) September 2008 2.1.1
* iPod Touch (Generation 1) September 2007 1.1.5
* iPod Classic - 120GB September 2008 2.0.0
* iPod Classic - 80GB, 160GB September 2007 1.1.2
* iPod Nano (Generation 4) September 2008 1.0.2
* iPod Nano (Generation 3) September 2007 1.1.3
* iPod Nano (Generation 2) September 2006 1.3.1
* iPod Nano (Generation 1) September 2005 1.3.1
* iPod Video (Generation 5) October 2005 1.3.0
* iPod Click Wheel (Generation 4) July 2004 1.2.1
* iPod Dock Connector (Generation 3) April 2003 2.3.0
* iPod Photo October 2004 -
* iPod Mini January 2004 1.4.1

iPod Supported Functions:
* Battery charging
* List browsing
* Music playback
* Video playback (on Generations October 2005 onwards)
* Album art transfer


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