PIONEER VSX323 & Tannoy SFX5.1 £249.95 @ Richersounds

PIONEER VSX323 & Tannoy SFX5.1 £249.95 @ Richersounds

Posted 3rd Apr 2014
This package includes the Pioneer VSX323 and the Tannoy SFX5.1

Pioneer VSX323

Now featuring 4K Ultra HD Pass Through and a USB socket for your Apple device, the Pioneer is a better starter AV receiver than ever.


With 100 watts per channel (at 6 ohm load) the VSX323K gives plenty of power for all but the largest rooms. Using a Texas Instruments Aureus Digital Signal Processor at its heart, the VSX-323 offers powerful processing and includes both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders. Pioneer has fitted the VSX-323K with their Advanced Sound Retriever system. This enhances the typically compressed music from MP3/AAC systems and returns the sound to near-CD quality.


Not only is there a 4/1 HDMI interface supporting 3D and ARC but it now also features 4K pass-though. With 4K screens beginning to make more of an appearance this year, by equipping this Pioneer AV receiver with 4K pass-through sockets, Pioneer have ensured the VSX323 is equipped for the future. Also standard is ARC. ARC (Audio Return Channel) cuts down on the cabling required as a single HDMI connection between your TV and AV receiver carries both the video image to the TV and the TV's audio back to the receiver. New to this year's model is a front-mounted USB socket. Compatible with the Apple iPhone 5, iPad Mini and most older iPods and iPhones, this neat little socket lets you seamlessly play your stored music library and streamed music stations. Furthermore, control, device charging and on-screen album art display are all supported. In addition to the HDMI and USB sockets, you'll also find both optical and coaxial digital inputs and a range of audio and composite video connections. Finally, there's a headphone socket that comes with its own "phones surround sound" effect designed to give a cinema feel when wearing headphones.


Quite often, different types of speakers are used within a surround sound set-up. Different speakers have slightly differing phases to one another, causing a slightly incoherent sound. Phase control corrects the various phase delays of the different types of speakers used for a more articulate and precise sound quality. Sound Delay (LipSync) ensures the vocals you hear match the lip movements you see onscreen.

Ideal as an introduction to surround sound, the Pioneer VSX323K is, once again, an AV bargain.

Tannoy SFX5.1

The SFX5.1 White home cinema speaker system is a development of the popular EFX5.1, with a few subtle tweaks to improve the performance still further. As before, the SFX incorporates Tannoy's WideBand technology. This gives the SFX5.1 the ability to reach frequencies as high as 78kHz! The benefit to the sound quality is incredible levels of detail and a natural, uncompressed sound that simply soars from the speakers.

As with the EFX5.1, the SFX5.1 features a larger centre speaker, that capitalises on its larger volume to create clear, undistorted dialogue.

Completing the package is an active subwoofer with an integrated 100 watt amplifier. The downward firing 200mm cone gives a deep and powerful bass all the way down to 45Hz - giving the Tannoy SFX5.1 speaker package a tremendous frequency response. A re-profiled foot design gives the SFX5.1 a better contact with the floor and a tighter, more responsive bass as a result.

Although already a good-looking package, Tannoy have introduced this new gloss white finish that fits beautifully with white and neutral coloured rooms.

Just like its predecessor, for a speaker package with real dynamic scale, the Tannoy SFX5.1 is unbeatable at this price!
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Cracking deal
For the price of package heat!
I paid just short of this for the Tannoy SFX 5.1's alone!

Heat added.
Free reciever with some quality budget 5.1 spkrs. Overkill but would be great for a gaming pc in a bedroom....

Must resist.
I have this receiver and its pretty decent
This looks very good. Quite tempted...
Waiting for the obligatory Sony v Onkyo joke........:p
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The speakers are White if that makes a difference.

Waiting for the obligatory Sony v Onkyo joke........:p

You'll be waiting a long time, this is a deal for a Pioneer receiver; it's an unknown brand but it's a good price nonetheless
You would do well to find the speakers on there own for under £200 new....

very nice deal
if only it had dlna

You would do well to find the speakers on there own for under £200 … You would do well to find the speakers on there own for under £200 new....very nice deal

How about £149.95 !!…blk
its an ok deal but not that great to be honest. have a mid range pioneer receiver and I hate it.

How about £149.95 … How about £149.95 !!

Good price its obviously come down in the last couple of months! still £200+ most places
I have this tannoy sfx set paired with a sonystrdh800 for the past few years and i love it. great owners thread over on av forums aswell for advice on setting up.
looking for something with minimal wiring as just refurbished - would this fit da bill?
No. Sorry
now a black bundle
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