Pioneer VSX920 7.1 AV Receiver 3D - £279.95 @ Richer Sounds (Instore)

Pioneer VSX920 7.1 AV Receiver 3D - £279.95 @ Richer Sounds (Instore)

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Found 6th May 2011
Deal of the day for tomrorow sat 7th at Richer Sounds.

Now boasting 3D capability, Internet radio and enhanced iPod/iPhone connectivity, the Pioneer VSX920 is better than ever.

Not only does the Pioneer VSX-920 now have 4 HDMI sockets (one up on before) but they're also the latest specification, offering full compatibility with 3D TV. As you'd expect, the Pioneer VSX920 also features all the latest digital decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Yet it's not just your HD sources that can benefit from being plugged in to the VSX920. Thanks to an upconvertor, any analogue sources plugged in are outputted via HDMI. Also, Dolby Pro Logic IIz is new to the 920, giving superior surround sound to TV

Being a Pioneer, the VSX920 isn't just about features, but the quality of sound they help create. When connecting a Blu-ray player via HDMI, proprietary PQLS technology ensures a jitterless transmission. Essentially, this means that the resulting sound quality is smooth and natural and exactly as the film studio originally intended.

Fully equipped for the iPhone age, the VSX920 features better connectivity than ever. First off, an iPhone App lets you take full control of the receiver. Alternatively, you can control your iPod or iPhone via a dedicated handset button. This gives you direct access to your playlists, from which you can scroll and search the tracks you want. Also standard is an iPod Digital USB connection. This allows plug-and-play flexibility without the need for a further docking station. The sound quality will be better than many docks, too, as you're using the processing power of the Pioneer rather than the docks. Better still, Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever system enhances the typically compressed music from MP3/AAC systems and returns the sound to CD quality. In short, no other AV receiver we can think of combines so well with your iPhone or iPod as this one does. Use a different device to Apple's iPhone or iPod? Then connect up your mobile device using the Bluetooth connection - another great new feature. Finally, Internet radio via the standard Ethernet port is now standard.

Although comprehensively equipped, the Pioneer VSX920 is by no means intimidating to use. Pioneer's unique 9-band MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration) system will tune the amplifier to the size of listening room and speaker placement, at the touch of a button. Professional results no longer rely upon hours spent with a sound level meter and heavy study of the instruction manual! Finally, if you like the ideal of high quality cinema sound, but simply don't have space for all the speakers around the room, then you'll be delighted to see Pioneer have fitted their Front Stage Surround Advance system. Simply place all the speakers by the TV, and let the Pioneer do the rest.

Styled to match the latest generation of flat screen TVs, the Pioneer VSX920 looks every bit the world class AV receiver that it is. Call in to your local Richer Sounds store for a full run down on this impressive AV receiver.


hmm, this or the yamaha 667. Think ill stick with the yammy although both look nice amps.

Unheard of brand. Get an Alba.

Nah - Onkyo is the best!

Much better than Onkyo, doesn't need an internal cooling fan, Onkyo would always be at the bottom of my list.
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