Pioneer X-EM11 Mini System inc. speakers clearance only £49.95 @ Richer Sounds instore only.

Pioneer X-EM11 Mini System inc. speakers clearance only £49.95 @ Richer Sounds instore only.

Found 28th Jul 2013
Obviously far from audiophile but a good price for a kids bedroom or the kitchen, certainly beats the likes of Alba etc at Argos for the same amount of cash.

Decent amount of stock across the country.

Whereas most mini systems in the class have around 2 - 5 watts per channel, the Pioneer X-EM11 boasts a class-leading 10 watts per channel. Whilst this won't worry more expensive systems, it's pretty impressive for a mini system of this size and price. Combined with the P Bass function and equaliser, the added power gives the tiny Pioneer a weight and body that you wouldn't credit from such a compact system. Whilst it won't rattle the windows it's plenty powerful enough as a kitchen, kid's bedroom or study system.


Coming with both USB and 3.5mm inputs, the Pioneer X-EM11 is ideal for a range of sources both old and new. Plug your digital media device in via the USB and use the analogue 3.5mm input for any source with a headphone socket and you'll be able to access music from pretty much any device. Built into the compact casing is a CD player and FM radio, making it ideal as a desktop or bedside entertainment system.


With a full system remote control, this Pioneer mini is easy to operate. For private listening, it also comes with a handy headphone socket. As you'd expect, the CD player is fully featured, including track programming and the tuner comes with RDS and 20 station presets. The large, informative display and clear, simple control layout also make for ease of operation.

For a decent second system for the kid's bedroom, kitchen or elsewhere the Pioneer X-EM11 is true Richer Sounds bargain!
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