PIONEERVSX329 & JBL CINEMA 510 Full 5.1 System £249.95 @ Richer Sounds

PIONEERVSX329 & JBL CINEMA 510 Full 5.1 System £249.95 @ Richer Sounds

Found 23rd Oct 2014
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Entry level 5.1 Surround Sound for under £250!

This package includes the Pioneer VSX329 and JBL Cinema 510

With 100 watts per channel (at 6 ohm load) the VSX329K gives ample power for all but the largest rooms. Using a Texas Instruments Aureus Digital Signal Processor at its heart, the VSX-329 offers powerful processing and includes both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoders. Pioneer has also fitted the VSX-329K with their Front Stage Surround Advance system. This allows you to place all your speakers by the TV and let the electronics take care of phasing the speakers for a virtual surround sound experience. Working much like a higher quality soundbar, this system is ideal for when you can't run speakers to the rear of the room.


With a 4 in/1 out HDMI interface supporting 3D, ARC and 4K pass-though, the VSX329K is fully equipped for use with the latest TVs. With 4K TVs making a strong appearance this year, by equipping this Pioneer AV receiver with 4K pass-through sockets, Pioneer have ensured the VSX329 is equipped for the future. Also standard is ARC. ARC (Audio Return Channel) cuts down on the cabling required as a single HDMI connection between your TV and AV receiver carries both the video image to the TV and the TV's audio back to the receiver. Also standard is a handy front-mounted USB socket. Compatible with all the Apple iPhones from 3G to 5S and most iPods, this neat little socket lets you seamlessly play your stored music library and streaming music stations. Furthermore, control, device charging and on-screen album art display are all supported. In addition to the HDMI and USB sockets, you'll also find both optical and coaxial digital inputs and a range of audio and composite video connections. Finally, there's a headphone socket that comes with its own "phones surround sound" effect designed to give a cinema feel when wearing headphones.


Quite often, different types of speakers are used within a surround sound set-up. Different speakers have slightly differing phases to one another, causing a slightly incoherent sound. Phase control corrects the various phase delays of the different types of speakers used for a more articulate and precise sound quality. Sound Delay (LipSync) ensures the vocals you hear match the lip movements you see onscreen.

As an ideal way of getting into the joys of surround sound, the Pioneer VSX329 offers the perfect introduction.

JBL Cinema 510

Who better than cinema experts JBL to bring you a taste of Hollywood at home? The JBL Cinema 510 speaker packs a powerful sound.


As you'd expect from cinema legends, JBL, the sound quality is of the highest order. Voice matched drive units are able to throw the sound over a wide area. The bass reflex cabinets enhance efficiency and give the sound the dynamic 'body' needed for action films. This means that even in larger than average rooms, the Cinema 510 is able to produce a convincing wrap-around cinema sound.


The 165mm bass cone is teamed up to a powerful 60 watt amplifier to produce bass that's not only deep but tight and focused, too. In short, the bass produced drives even the most explosive of soundtracks along with great vigour and energy.


Using a high gloss black finish, the Cinema 510 satellite speakers look good in a wide variety of home environments and are the ideal match for most home cinema electronics. The compact size makes them easy to place or, alternatively, they can be wall-mounted via the built-in mounts.

For powerful home cinema sound from the true professionals, look no further than the JBL Cinema 510 speaker pack.
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I'm tempted by this but can't find any reviews on the receiver

I'm tempted by this but can't find any reviews on the receiver

Have to agree, can't see any reviews for the amp either
There's one customer review on the individual page…blk if that's any use
Worth about £300 at best so £249 is a reasonable price. The receiver was £199 at launch (May 2013) and the speakers £199 so their "regular low price" of £398.95 is really RRP.

I recently bought a Yamaha RXV500D and Tannoy SFX for £349.
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Have to agree, can't see any reviews for the amp either
For entry level kit at £250 you can't really go wrong. This will be much better than the various integrated options from the likes of Samsung, Panasonic etc for the same type of money. Additionally as you have the funds you can upgrade the various separates.
Cold. Not Dolby Atmos ready !

Only joking. Hot from me. A good price for a step into the realms of home cinema. Good starter package a perfect to slowly build on
Good price for 4K ready system.
Heat added from me..
But i am looking for wireless subs n speakers,any suggestions?

FYI I assumed everyone knew that the receiver was the amp, so by referring to the amp I was referring to the fact that I was ALSO unable to find any reviews.
i just replaced my 15 yr old pioneer 909rds amp for this receiver, and i have to say im impressed with it. got it for £179 with the vip deal, for entry level into home cinema its worth the money. i looked at 2 yamaha`s Yamaha "RXV375" and Yamaha "RXV475" in the same sort of price range but niether did upscaling to 1080, thats why i went for the pioneer, but they were better for music. as for the speakers, jbl always make good speakers.:D
£400 now
Ordered one this morning, cheers OP (and for the email!)

£400 now

Its still the price advertised but as it says, its exclusively instore or via telesales

£400 now

Feel free to scroll up and read the first post
Just ordered one myself, can't wait to get it, glad I saw this as I was gonna buy this one…072
Is there an expiry date to this?
Hello, Do you know which is the right impedance of these speakers? Because somewhere on some pages 4 ohms, and on other 8 ohms. What is the exact impendance value for these speakers?
Wow, 4 years later!!
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