Piranha 3D blu £7.15 with code @ The Hut
Piranha 3D blu £7.15 with code @ The Hut

Piranha 3D blu £7.15 with code @ The Hut

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After a small seaside town suffers a violent and unexpected underwater tremor thousands of prehistoric man-eating fish are set free and begin a reign of terror as they start to brutally mutate anyone that goes into the water. Now an unlikely group of strangers including a porn-star, an actress and two good natured tourists must join forces to save themselves from these evil and extremely hungry creatures. Darkly funny and exceptionally gory remake of Joe Dante’s cult classic with a great cast including Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction) and Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).
Requires 3D TV with 3D Glasses, along with a 3D Blu-Ray player of PS3 with latest firmware installed for full 3D effect.
Includes 3D and 2D version of movie
Includes 2 sets of Red/Green Anaglyph 3D glasses


Original Poster

is this posted before or something?

This has become very cheap very quickly - does it say something about the quality of the film?

'Quality' is a relative term. For these type of deliberately cheesy movies, yes it's a quality film, but if you compare it to a Gladiator-like epic, then no, it's not.

Kelly brook. Purchased


Kelly brook nekkid, underwater. Purchased

Fixed that for you.:p
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