Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 DVD Set Lost Disc Edition £5.89 Or Less Delivered!

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 DVD Set Lost Disc Edition £5.89 Or Less Delivered!

Found 12th Jul 2006
Update: This is only £5.89 including delivery from TheHut.Com [thanks for the pointer Emma!]. Buy through QuidCo.Com to earn 10% in cashback or use the direct link opposite to go straight to the deal. If they sell out fast, then go for the Amazon deal below...

Get the Pirates of the Caribbean Lost Disc Edition 3 DVD Set for just £6.87p delivered from Amazon.Co.UK/Jersey [use the Amazon Jersey "Add To Basket" button]. A treasure of a film to umm... Treasure!

Synopsis: When the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, is kidnapped by Captain Barbosa, her childhood friend and admirer, Will Turner teams up with pirate Jack Sparrow to save her. However, Barbosa and the crew of his ship, the Black Pearl, are cursed. Trapped in skeletal forms that reveal themselves in moonlight, they intend to use Elizabeth's blood to remove the curse and return them to the land of the living.

DVD Features: Main Language: English * Available Audio Tracks: DTS * Commentary By The Director Gore Verbinski And Johnny Depp * Commentary By The Producer Jerry Bruckheimer And Keira Knightly And Jack Davenport * Commentary By The Screenwriters * An Epic At Sea * Fly On The Set * Diaries * Below Deck * Blooper Reel * Deleted Scenes * Moonlight Serenade Scene Progression * Image Gallery * Pirates In The Parks * Enhanced Computer Features * Becoming Jack * Becoming Barbossa * Thar She Blows * Sneak Attack Animatic * More Fly On The Set Features * The Monkeys Name Is Jack * Pirates Around The World * Spirit Of The Ride * Dead Men Tell No Tales

- hotdealsuk
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Excellent, this is one of a few films i have yet to buy and add to my collection. Good thing i waited.....or more like forgot that it existed lol.
[SIZE=2]Hehe Just a little treasure I dug up :pirate: I didn't think I'd like it originally, although I like a few of JD's films. Now I'm looking forward to watching the sequel [/SIZE]
You might want to cancel the Amazon one and get it through TheHut.Com TheManWithNoName [as above post now updated]...
Availability: Usually despatched within 2-4 weeks.

Great price for this on the Hut...especially with the Quidco 10%.
Good thing i didnt go ahead and buy with Amazon, more like i'm lazy, skint, and need a F/T job

Cheers for that Rayman...i'll probably still wont buy it knowing me, the amount of times i've seen excellent deals on here and failed to buy it is shocking. I've only ever bought the leather chair and thats it :oops:

Availability: Usually despatched within 2-4 weeks.:(

Here's the ][COLOR=blue]Amazon link[/COLOR] if you want 2 - 3 day despatch and it's £6.87 delivered from there.
meh I can wait, good find, the 2nd one was good last night
Back up to £7.89 now
Or 6.95 from dvd.co.uk less your quidco commission.
blahdvd.com are selling the the lost disc edition for a reasonable £5.99 delivered but i'am not sure on delivery time scales.
Nice find + Welcome to HUKD MIKE39
As motley says don't forget QuidCo for cashback
nice find.. thanks.. ordered it earlier at the cheapo price

since had an email saying that due to high demand its gonna be an extra weeks wait on top of the 2-4 days it showed when i ordered.
Thanks andy1984uk Unfortunately that's the single disc edition. The one in the other posts here, is the Lost Disc 3 disc edition.
Ahh. I see that now. Thought i had a good one there.
Well it might have been So thanks anyway
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