Pirates of The Caribbean Boxset (1-3) (Blu-ray) - £15 @ Sainsburys (Instore)

Pirates of The Caribbean Boxset (1-3) (Blu-ray) - £15 @ Sainsburys (Instore)


Is this deal nationwide??

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Is this deal nationwide??

been to a couple of sainsburys stores and they both had this deal.. nothing about it on their website though

Been this price in Sainsburys for a few months now - nationwide.
Definitely worth reminding people, though (previous thread is over 6 weeks old and marked as expired).

I'm not a fan of the films (first is fairly good, the second pretty bad, the third terrible), but all three are fantastic transfers to Blu Ray. Great for keeping the family occupied for a good few hours

Heat added.

Good price, but from what I could see these were slimline cases and the extras were a little on the thin side, but if you just want the movies this is a cracking deal.

Not sure why this one was expired..


Is this the 6 disc as pictured or the cheaper basic 3 disc box?

Saw this in my local store (Plymouth) yesterday

Superb. Will go pick one up :-)

Checked yesterday and can confirm it is the cheaper 3 disc set (slim cases)

For those unable to find this in the blu-ray section, I've been to a couple of Sainsburys and they usually put them with the dvd's. The new slimline packing doesn't have the usual blu-ray blue bar across the top so it gets stuck with the dvd's, but there is a blu-ray symbol on the bottom right of the packaging.

Also, the new boxset only has 5.1 surround audio not HD audio
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