Pirates of The Caribbean Flatscreen LCD TV - £75 @ Disney store

Pirates of The Caribbean Flatscreen LCD TV - £75 @ Disney store

Found 19th Jul 2008Made hot 20th Jul 2008
Thought this was a good price, reduced from £200. delivery £4.95
Hope I've done this ok, only 2nd post! Was unable to add pic, hope someone better at this can help me out with that please.
A superb 15" 4:3 LCD TV based on the Black Pearl. This fully featured TV has a beautifully detailed base & is obviously flying the Skull & Crossbones flag.



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thanks alot for adding the picture whizzkid!

A shame it's 4:3 or I would've grabbed one for my girls.

Cheers anyway OP - Heat added.

tempted to get one ! voted hot

PC World Finneston Glasgow was selling these for £50, however they had none on the shop floor when I went in, otherwise I might have had a go at snapping bits off.

Really good find - after a cheap tv for my dd and this fits the bill perfectly for an eight year old! voted red hot

Does anyone know if this would fix onto a wall?
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