Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy £11.47 @ Amazon

Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy £11.47 @ Amazon

Found 7th Jun 2010
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With the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow (memorably portrayed by Johnny Depp) earning legions of fans right across the globe, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy has proven to be one of the most popular series of films in recent times. Fortunately, theres good reason too.
The trilogy starts off with the best of the three films. The Curse Of The Black Pearl is a superb piece of blockbuster movie making, delivering lots of laughs, some fabulous set pieces and a core of good, old-fashioned swashbuckling action. With a terrific supporting cast, led by the likes of Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, its running time simply zips by in a flash, and theres plenty of incentive to hit the play button again once the credits roll.

The second movie in the series, Dead Mans Chest was more commercially successful, but its not quite as strong a film. Nonetheless, theres still plenty to enjoy, including Bill Nighys stunning Davy Jones (the special effects there are something to behold). And it earns extra bonus points for a terrific final twist in the end reel.

And then we arrive at the closing part of the trilogy, At Worlds End. This is arguably the most bloated, with a nigh-on three hour running time, but it does pack a lot in. Multiple Johnny Depps for starters, along with some terrific action too.

While the three parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy may thus be a little uneven, its nonetheless a collection of films with plenty to recommend. The first part sails away with the top honours, but theres little doubt that all three are set to entertain audiences for many years to come.


Great deal - and far better than Prince of Persia!

Shows up for £9.99 or less quite regularly.
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