Pirelli P6000 tyres - 195/50/15 ! Bargain! £30.61 (without delivery) and 5 % discount available!

Pirelli P6000 tyres - 195/50/15 ! Bargain! £30.61 (without delivery) and 5 % discount available!

Found 26th Jan 2007
Great Pirelli P6000 tyres with V speed rating! They are cheaper than the same P6000 with lower T rating!

Great price - cheapest I could find elswhere is arround 45 pounds!

You have to add 10 pounds for delivery... I bought two and the delivery price is still the same.
Get also 5% off by using voucher code: 1E419645


There is propably a lot more tyres cheaper than elswhere!
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£33.80 delivered from MyTyres:

Personally I'd go for the Goodyear Hydrapgrip at £34.70 delivered - a much better tyre than the Pirellis. Or for a boy-racer the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 for £34.40

Got to pay around a tenner a wheel for fitting though, unless you know someone :thumbsup:
Yep the Pirelli P6000 is lethal in the wet, it's like running a slick tyre, they are garbage. Personally tyres are one of the areas on the car I don't mind paying a premium as long as I get good quality.
If you're dead-set on the Pirellis, you can get them fully fitted from Tyre Shopper for £43.50:
What is the source of these voucher codes please ?
I used to have these Pirelli P6000's on my car, and believe me they are dangerous as hell in the wet. I could get them for £25 a tyre from my local RapidFit with the V Rating.

Still a good price, but brace yourself with the puddles.
I have to agree with other remarks on here...Ive got these on my Puma and in the wet they are not great, in the dry though they are fantastic.
michellin man myself. Although at £135 each, theirs no room for change
You can get the michelin for £70 each at costco
Thanks for the information! Any ideas on where I can find tires surrey? I would like to find something a little closer to where I live. Thanks again!
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