Pitch Black/Doom/The Chronicles Of Riddick 3 DVD Boxset £6.99 + Free Delivery @ 194u
Pitch Black/Doom/The Chronicles Of Riddick 3 DVD Boxset £6.99 + Free Delivery @ 194u

Pitch Black/Doom/The Chronicles Of Riddick 3 DVD Boxset £6.99 + Free Delivery @ 194u

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A triple bill of sci-fi adventures. In 'Pitch Black' with forty passengers on board, technical problems force the spaceship Hunter-Gratzner to crash land on a distant planet. The passengers were heading for other worlds and only ten have managed to survive, but one of them, Riddick (Vin Diesel), is an armed and dangerous convict determined to take control of events. The planet at first seems barren, with no evidence of water or living creatures, but when the sun sets the survivors discover they have the planet's terrifying nightlife to contend with. 'Doom' is an all-action sci-fi adaptation of the popular first-person shooter computer game, starring The Rock and Karl Urban. On the planet Mars, a team of scientists have set up an experimental research facility that suddenly ceases communication with no warning. A Rapid Response Tactical Squad, led by Sarge (The Rock) and Grimm (Urban), are dispatched to investigate, and make the shocking discovery that the scientists have opened a dimensional gateway to Hell itself. Against all the odds, the squad have to fight their way through the base to shut off the portal, and then kill every horrific escaped demon creature before the hordes of Hell can reach Earth. Whilst in 'The Chronicles of Riddick' Vin Diesel reprises his role as night-eyed antihero Riddick in this big-budget sequel to the 2002 sci-fi action film 'Pitch Black'. In an attempt to evade the mercenaries after him, Riddick escapes to the distant planet of Helion - only to find himself caught in the middle of a violent and bloody intergalactic conflict between two opposing forces: the Elementals, led by Aerion (Judi Dench) and the Necromongers, led by the bloodthirsty Lord Marshall (Colm Feore).


great movies. heat added also

Apart from Pitch Black these are awful movies.

The Chronicles Of Riddick

Worst sequel ever.

Really like Pitch Black. The other two are bearable. Good price for 3 DVD's though I've never heard of 194u.com before.

this box set is £6 in Matalan ... i bought it the other day.

yeah this is only 5.89 in matalan at the moment. Although apart from Pitch black the filsm are garbage.
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