Pixar Monopoly £8.99 instore @ B&M Bargins.

Pixar Monopoly £8.99 instore @ B&M Bargins.

Found 18th Sep 2009Made hot 19th Sep 2009
i was in B&M Bargins in Wrexham and saw this for £8.99, its around £20 every where else. there were loads left to.


Hot! I love Pixar, and for some bizzare reason I didn't buy this when I saw it for the same price at Home Bargains. A regret.

Shame there's no B&M in my area

They've got these at the Leyland branch too, I picked one up for my son last week

oh wow! my kids would love this. I didnt even know it existed let alone that you could get it for such a great price. Thanks
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