Pixar Shorts £5.99 delivered @ HMV

Pixar Shorts £5.99 delivered @ HMV

Found 18th Mar 2010
Pixar Shorts £5.99 delivered @ HMV

Penny more at Tesco-then next best £8.12 @ Selectcheaper

Good things come in small packages in this collection of Pixar shorts that have won hearts and Oscars for their creativity. The geniuses behind TOY STORY, FINDING NEMO, and other animated favorites have brought their talent to these 13 mini-movies. This anthology features THE ADVENTURES OF ANDRE AND WALLY B., LUXO JR., RED'S DREAM, KNICK KNACK, BOUNDIN', JACK-JACK ATTACK, ONE MAN BAND, and LIFTED. It also includes the Oscar-winning shorts TIN TOY, GERI'S GAME, and FOR THE BIRDS. MONSTERS, INC.'s Mike shows up in MIKE'S NEW CAR, while a certain beloved truck from CARS makes an appearance in MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT.


Totally worth getting.. a little bit of movie history.. and they really are very good

Does anyone know if you can get it at this price instore, please? Its Hubby's birthday Sunday and I could do with getting him a little something extra. Thanks.

If you don't have Ratatouille already, you can pick up a 2 DVD pack of that and the shorts for £12.99, making Ratatouille just £7 more, which is a bit of a Billy Bargain.

Search for Ratatouille/Pixar Shorts on HMV.

For those that prefer Blu-Ray, the Shorts is £9.99 at HMV, or less impressively, £23.99 for the double pack.
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