Pixel chix houses half price!

Pixel chix houses half price!

Found 18th Nov 2006
These won't last long! Voted as one of the hottest toys this year, Pixel chix houses half price!

Be quick! Usually £29.99 Now £14.99.

Pixel Chix are totally unique, totally fun and totally cool!

Go ahead and push her buttons for a Pixillion things to do together.

Requires 4 x AAA batteries (included).

One supplied.

For ages 6 years and over.


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I thought my picture showed up???

Thanks for this sindy They look cute :-D

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You're welcome


I thought my picture showed up???

It did, I just bumped the thread up and put in a bigger piccy Thanks!

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Thanks...hey the votes look hot! 35.4%!...cool...This should be in deals

Thanks very much! Reserved one in Poole to pick up tommorrow. Bargain christmas pressie.[COLOR="DarkGreen"][/COLOR]

Yeah - Thanks Sindy. I've reserved on of these too.

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No probs

Come on Mods this is a HOT deal

(deffo makes a change to Dvd's, TV's and boys toys zzzzzzzz) lol


Great deal Sindy thanks i know my little girls would love these!

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cool Most little girls love these..wish I was one again lol

Be aware, got two from my local Argos, but did not notice that one of them had foreign packaging, and the language was in French!!
Thanks OP btw.
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