Pixel Piracy £5.49 @ Steam (50% off & out of early access!)

Pixel Piracy £5.49 @ Steam (50% off & out of early access!)

Found 1st Aug 2014
Hey! I bought this last night and just assumed it would have been posted. Came a-searching for the deal in order to add some heat and give it a hearty recommendation, but there didn't seem to be any mention anywhere.

This game came out of Early Access yesterday, and reached version 1.0. I think it's on at 50% off currently in order to celebrate its official launch.

I picked it up on an impulse as I'd heard good things, and really enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with it. It's good stuff!

The dev has also said that they intend to continually add content to the game for at least the next 8 months, which - based on his community interactions, permissions for people to pirate his game if they are uncertain or broke, and the other devs he's associated with - I have no problem believing.

P.S - If you want to play on Mac, to get the game to work you need to opt into the Mac beta branch on steam (easy to do) and then it works perfectly.


Why cold? it's 50% off a really fun game!

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Why cold? it's 50% off a really fun game!

I know right! Such are the wiles of Hotukdeals I suppose

I wondered if it was because when I posted it, it had a metacritic rating of 3.5, (presumably a hangover from their very early beta release) so that might have put people off (sadly), but it's since climbed to 8.1, and people still don't seem to be interested!

It is a very cool game though! I'm about 10 hours in now, and still liking it - although I've realised that I may not have the leadership qualities required for a genuine career as a pirate
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