Pixels Blu-ray £1 instore @ Poundland (blackpool)

Pixels Blu-ray £1 instore @ Poundland (blackpool)

LocalFound 7th Apr
As per title, called in Last night & was surprised to see this film with digital copy in there.
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Let the goose chasing commence!
I admit I haven't seen it; but isn't it meant to be a very bad film? Although seeing something really bad has a certain attraction.
Really enjoyable film. Only has a bad reputation because Sandler's name is attached. Director of Home Alone and Harry Potter 1&2
Not a bad film for £1
Which Blackpool store?
Perter Dinklage's character is based on Billy Mitchell who has just been accused of cheating to get the donkey kong record. seems his record will go. His video from back then has been scrutenised and they think it was a mame capture (with respawns edited out) and not a real arcade machine.
This was in my local Poundland a few months ago.
All Poundland music cds and videos are supplied from Music Magpie, so may find you can get it online without the need for travel.
All stores at some point will receive Blu-ray's it all dependant of the displacement at HQ
Picked this up from Wigan Grand Arcade store around Christmas/New Year time, I really enjoyed it and well worth £1, although my wife wasn't so fussed and we like a lot of the same movies, I was born in the 70's and grew up playing games from the ZX81 onwards so whether that made a difference?
One of the few Auro 3D audio films, if you have the set up.
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Dreadful film. 20 mins was enough
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