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Samsung curved 4K 55" UE55JU6500KXXU TV - £859.64 @ Pixmania
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Samsung curved 4K 55" UE55JU6500KXXU TV - £859.64 @ Pixmania£850.64
Seems a top notch set for the price.

I'd forgotten about these guys, not seen a Pixmania deal posted for a while. No idea if it's a good deal or not.

Samsung S7 Edge 32GB - Black £504.01 @ Pixmania
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Posted 29th Aug 2016Posted 29th Aug 2016
Samsung S7 Edge 32GB - Black £504.01 @ Pixmania£504.01
Best Price seen in the UK for the Edge so far. Good if you don't fancy been tied into a contract.

Yeah I know...


If this was Amazon I'd be tempted, Pixmania, no thanks.


Op's comment. Best Price seen in the UK for the Edge so far.


Yep, thanks to Amazon /Flubit.com


​from a shop?

SAMSUNG UE75JU6400 - £1330.60 - BEST PRICE ON WEB @ Pixmania
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Posted 21st Apr 2016Posted 21st Apr 2016
SAMSUNG UE75JU6400 - £1330.60 - BEST PRICE ON WEB @ Pixmania£1,330.60

heat added on price alone - why the f is this cold? wheres a better deal for this telly?


Pixmania ........avoid.....avoid.....avoid.....should not be allowed on UKHD....they are not a UK company


Don't do it, not a UK version TV, does it have Freeview HD?


still chasing my refund from the last pixmania tv offer on here. having to get the bank to do a charge back! worst company ever


I bough an unbranded tv. Didn't like it after a week and they sent a currier to pick up full refund. I had huge issues with John Lewes and everybody says is great... All depends in how lucky u are at the time :)

SAMSUNG UE65JU6400 - LED Smart Ultra HD TV PIXMANIA BARGAiN!!! £398.99 @ Pixmania
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Posted 25th Mar 2016Posted 25th Mar 2016
SAMSUNG UE65JU6400 - LED Smart Ultra HD TV PIXMANIA BARGAiN!!! £398.99 @ Pixmania£398.99
This is the cheapest deal on the web for a SAMSUNG 65inch UHD TV. I have clicked through and got confirmation that it is indeed a 65 inch tv HOT HOT HOT

Yes, bank transfer only. In some ways we are lucky we paid by card as their is no chargeback service for bank transfers as far as I know. That way anyone who buys from them now won't be able to get their money back. A true scam site


Great news sent the chargeback form today, just check the website pixmania doesn't take card payments anymore


bank completed chargeback yesterday, money back in my account. still not received any communication from pixmania 1 month on. clearly a scam company there is no other way to describe them.


just passed mine straight to the bank for a chargeback. should hear back within 2 weeks


How is everyone getting on with their refund, any luck?

APPLE iPhone 6S - 64 GB - 4G - Space grey £552 delivered pixmania
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Posted 6th Jan 2016Posted 6th Jan 2016
APPLE iPhone 6S - 64 GB - 4G - Space grey £552 delivered pixmania£552
looks like lowest price for 6s brand new
Get deal*Get deal*

Has anyone received there's yet. I bought one 5 days ago and not even with the courier yet.


Is there a difference between the UK and European model?


Yes a few times and no problem at all


I've heard bad bad things about pixmania, anyone used them before?


Apple's warranty is valid worldwide

CORSAIR Vengeance 2 x 4 GB - DDR4 2133Mhz £34.35 delivered @ Pixmania
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
CORSAIR Vengeance 2 x 4 GB - DDR4 2133Mhz £34.35 delivered @ Pixmania£34.35
Seems like a pretty good deal seeing as DDR4 is expensive as hell :) Price= £27.45 + £6.90 (Delivery) Optimise the launch of your applications with the Corsair Vengeance LPX, a ki… Read more
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Got two Elite 4GB DDR3 1600HC11BK i'l be posting up on here soon.Soon as i can sort out photographing it!!!Sooo much to dooo....




I thought this was ddr3 for a minute, glad I didn't buy it without realising


Yes, he wouldn't need much for 'general entertainment', so I told him what the benefits would be in terms of gaming. What I don't know is why you would ask me that...


If I didn't fiddle with it then my 2550K would need upgrading as it just wouldn't be quick enough. But an extra 30% performance from an extra £30 investment 4 years ago means I can use my money elsewhere.

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SEAGATE NAS HDD ST3000VN000 - 3.5'' Hard drive - 3 TB £66.87 @ pixmania
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Posted 30th Dec 2015Posted 30th Dec 2015
SEAGATE NAS HDD ST3000VN000 - 3.5'' Hard drive - 3 TB £66.87 @ pixmania£66.87
The Seagate NAS HDD hard drive is a storage solution designed to promote the productivity of businesses and individuals. It generates a secure private cloud for archiving and prese… Read more
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So if this is cold, what's the best deal on a pair of 3TB drives for my NAS?


I'm afraid your wrong we have mainly HP's and some Lenovos (the two largest manufacturers in the world) the vast majority of these are fitted with Seagate drives.


All products I own came with Hitachi (HGST) hard drives. PS4, PS3, Laptop, external HDD, etc In my view I see most major OEM HDD's being Hitachi or Toshiba. Only Lenovo and some ASUS laptops use Seagate's HDDs.


I personally had worse experience with so much praised wdc drives. Seagate had few botched drives, mostly fixable by fw upgrade.


Haven't bought any Seagate drives since the AAM scandal

SEAGATE NAS HDD ST2000VN000 - 3.5'' Hard drive - 2 TB £47.93 @ pixmania
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Posted 30th Dec 2015Posted 30th Dec 2015
SEAGATE NAS HDD ST2000VN000 - 3.5'' Hard drive - 2 TB £47.93 @ pixmania£47.93
The Seagate NAS HDD hard drive is a storage solution designed to promote the productivity of businesses and individuals. It generates a secure private cloud for archiving and prese… Read more

I'm confused by the fact that it "generates a secure private cloud". What does that mean? I'm out of the loop with recent advances in drive tech but they surely can't mean that the drive is an IoT device, can they?


I haven't voted either way. The one I posted is a green drive, but as I have only used Green drives for the past 6 or 7 years in PCs, DAS's and NAS's I am happy to recommend them. And I did say it is OOS, but is available to order. IF Amazon let you order an out of stock item then you will get it (Like I just received my WD drives from the £56 deal that was OOS for most of the time it was an active deal :)) However if you want a 2TB seagate drive then this does appear to be a good price.


You can't it's OOS, this is a deal site not a if it was in stock it would be a better deal site. All the cold voters may not have noticed that this is the NAS version and a better build quality than the desktop version.


Available for order but not in stock - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-3-5-Inch-Retail-Low-Energy-Drive/dp/B013J7OAQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451467568&sr=8-1&keywords=toshiba+300 Would take this all day over the seagate.


Pixmania not everyone's favorite retailer and yes Seagate have had problems any other suggestions post them.

SONY Alpha 7 body only £714 @ pixmania
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Posted 23rd Dec 2015Posted 23rd Dec 2015
SONY Alpha 7 body only £714 @ pixmania£714
Sony a7 body only for £714 and now you can claim back £100 from sony via the website. For the cashback details check the link: https://www.sony.co.uk/cashback/digital-imaging?cpint… Read more

Pixmania are not on Sony's eligible seller list. Also the terms and conditions state: The Promotion only applies to products which have been supplied and distributed by Sony within the UK, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man.


I doubt they are a qualifying retailer for the cashback.

Samsung UE32J4100 HD Ready 32 Inch TV (2015 Model) [Energy Class A+] - £145.40 Using Code KDXUK @ Pixmania
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Posted 14th Dec 2015Posted 14th Dec 2015
Samsung UE32J4100 HD Ready 32 Inch TV (2015 Model) [Energy Class A+] - £145.40 Using Code KDXUK @ Pixmania£145.40
I cannot find this TV anywhere else under £199.99. The Samsung LED UE32J4100 has all the essential digital TV features you want without compromising on quality. The UE32J4100 TV … Read more

John Lewis. Look for Samsung 32 and you'll see it. It's been posted on here also on Amazon and Currys but no 5 year warranty.


I have never dealt with Pixmania .... apologies for this if they are a bad company.


Dint deal with Pixmania. Could ruin your Christmas!


from where mate? looking for a tv for mom


Its not even 1080p - You can get a Samsung 1080p model with 5 year warranty for £177 and not have to deal with pixmania.

Iphone 6s 64gb plus -3% OFF, £ 529.61 with the discount code KDXUK? £545 @ Pixmania
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Iphone 6s 64gb plus -3% OFF, £ 529.61 with the discount code KDXUK? £545 @ Pixmania£545
Product details •Processor: A9 chip with 64 bit architecture Integrated M9 movement co-processor •Screen type: Retina HD display with 3D Touch 1400:1 contrast ratio (standard) 500… Read more

Yes, the anker (spelt it wrong in earlier post) sub charger trickle feeds to whatever the device requires. I have the 5 usb port and have everything from an e-cig to an iPad pro charging.


Not the plus model as described


Would that charger deliver the charging current/voltage required by any USB device? I ask, as I have several different tablet and phones, and don't want to put any of them on a unit that will charge them too fast. I understand that it is supposed to be able to tell how much voltage something requires, but I don't understand how it works tbh.


Two reasons it cold, Apple so need to be lucky with any Apple deal and the seller always cold on here for them.


Doesn't make any difference if it's not a UK model. I have bought all my (many) Apple products abroad and never had any issue. It's a worldwide warranty. I use an anchor multi usb charging station which trickle feeds the voltage that is required, but it's also ok to plug in directly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 16gb, Black or White £167.99 @ pixmania
Posted 3rd Dec 2015Posted 3rd Dec 2015
Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 16gb, Black or White £167.99 @ pixmania£167.99
Seems a good deal to me..... Product details Screen size: 9.7" with accelerometerProcessor: Quad Core 1.2 GHzInternal storage: 16 GBBattery life: life with internet use : 15 hour… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

​Is that right? Argos say it's 1280x800 on their website.


Pixmania rears its head again. Just don't risk it! Cold BTW. oO


​Designed for reading but the text display is terrible, hardly legible on some web pages.


1024x768 in 2015! Awful tablet.


"Sold and dispatched by BODDBAN UK" ... ???

Samsung UE50JU6400 50" 4k TV - £599 + £24.90 P&P @ Pixmania (£623.90)
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Posted 30th Nov 2015Posted 30th Nov 2015
Samsung UE50JU6400 50" 4k TV - £599 + £24.90 P&P @ Pixmania (£623.90)£623.90
Seems like a great price for this TV if you compare it to other prices. Reviews well too: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/televisions/plasma-and-lcd-tvs/samsung-ue55j… Read more

Terrible company to purchase from, poor customer service, IF you manage to get through.

LG G Flex 2 16GB delivered
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
LG G Flex 2 16GB delivered£205.45
Seems like a good deal - 5% off the original price only today! Specs below: Processor: Octa-Core 2 GHz (Snapdragon 810) 64 bits Screen type: Curved POLED capacitive touchscreen, … Read more



2015 high spec phone at a great price. Just sucks that the EU version has 2GB and US AT&T version has 3GB RAM for pretty much the same price.


its 217 on rakuten expanseys plus theres a code for ten percent off plus quidco 8% code is BLACK10 also you get 5% back in rakuten points which is about a tenner.so about 195 plus 15 cashback plus 10 in points


Can someone find me a better deal on this phone?!


What's wrong with Pixmania?

Samsung 55JU6800 4K 55 inch TV £858.13 @ pixmania
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Posted 23rd Nov 2015Posted 23rd Nov 2015
Samsung 55JU6800 4K 55 inch TV £858.13 @ pixmania£858.13
"3% off the whole site with the promo code PIXMAS3UK" Advertised price is £859, reduced to £833.23 with the above code. Plus £24.90 delivery. Valid until midnight today, Monday 23… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Pixmania = instant cold.


Good to wait for BF deals


Would rather pay £899 and get it from John Lewis with 5 year warranty and 6 months Netflix UHD http://www.johnlewis.com/samsung-ue55ju6800-led-4k-ultra-hd-nano-crystal-smart-tv-55-with-freeview-hd-and-built-in-wi-fi/p2056414?tmcampid=51&tmad=c&s_pccid=pc_pr_200_40000#media-overlay_show COLD

Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge 32 gig £406 with code @ Pixmania/Boddban
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Posted 15th Nov 2015Posted 15th Nov 2015
Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge 32 gig £406 with code @ Pixmania/Boddban£406
Get this Samsung galaxy s6 edge 32 gig before the deal runs out. Its on at £419 but you get a discount for MOVEMBERUK. Type that in when checking out and the discount will be appli… Read more
iPhone 6s 16GB space grey pixmania £461.99 Free Delivery @ Pixmania
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Posted 12th Nov 2015Posted 12th Nov 2015
iPhone 6s 16GB space grey pixmania £461.99 Free Delivery @ Pixmania£461.99
Please go easy on this one… iPhone 6s 16gb from pixmania about £20 cheaper than I could find anywhere else. Plus 3.15% TCB. They have the bigger memory models discounted as well, w… Read more

I hope they didn't call in an Airstrike with it.


I've looked on there recently myself and one of the companies selling a iPhone 6s 64gb at a good price was based in Italy so I'd assume a European model. I know of someone who bought an iPhone in USA and then went onto use it in Turkey without any issues.


Will this phone work fine in the UK on any network if it isn't European model?


16GB. Let's all laugh.


Just me or is this really hard to read....

Samsung Bluetooth Headset P&P inc in price £7.20 @ pixmania
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Posted 9th Nov 2015Posted 9th Nov 2015
Samsung Bluetooth Headset P&P inc in price £7.20 @ pixmania£7.20
It is what it is, a bluetooth headset, should you have the sudden urge to buy a bluetooth headset, this one could quench that need to buy a bluetooth headset.
Get deal*Get deal*

Wrong gender and I wouldn't have used a smiley anyway :p


​That time of the month again X) Try some painkillers.


Erm, nope! The site didn't say it had sold out at any price and so it's really not obvious at all. It was in stock when I looked, but at a much higher price and with extortionate postage on top. Definitely not a deal!! I voted cold because the deal posted bore no resemblance to the prices on the actual page. I hope that answers your question ;)


It's obviously sold out at £7.20. Why vote cold because you were too slow?


18 quid is not a deal. cold from me.

Dyson V6 Absolute £322.80 @ Pixmania
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Posted 22nd Oct 2015Posted 22nd Oct 2015
Dyson V6 Absolute £322.80 @ Pixmania£322.80
http://www.pixmania.co.uk/upright-vacuum-cleaner/dyson-v6-absolute-upright-vacuum-cleaner/22500947-a.html?ectrans=1&gclid=CPn7iuuu1sgCFQjgGwodMzEIaw Cheapest i've seen it
Get deal*Get deal*

No way


Did you really post this as a deal or for a giggle? oO


Thanks very much for the quick and informed reply, much appreciated :) Have found a thread about folks buying from amazon.fr and seems mixed in terms of warranty.....


I haven't been charged extra when ordering from Amazon France, when you checkout it will let you pay in £


@Deanos Will it be that price or will my credit card company charge me a few quid to take payment as a foreign currency transaction? Thanks :)

dyson v6 absolute £322.80 delivered @ Pixmania
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Posted 19th Oct 2015Posted 19th Oct 2015
dyson v6 absolute £322.80 delivered @ Pixmania£322.80
This is one of the cheapest prices I've seen, valid for 3 days. Delivery from £6.90. 2.5% quidco

Pixmania.....none uk company ........fail to see how allowed on hotukdeals.....they are terrible


we have 5 kids and you wouldn't even think we had any my house is a show home and it should be! I do watch jezza though while eating croissants with my lovely veneers ha!


​Any wifi Web Cam deals on here?


So while you're out at work all day, she's telling you she has vacuumed 3 times ? Ha ha ha mug, she's been sat on the sofa stuffing cake while watching Lorraine, Kyle, This morning and loose women. 3 times-lmao


Too late. I've reported your post to the RSPCA.