Piz Buin sun lotions half price @ Tesco. In store only.
Piz Buin sun lotions half price @ Tesco.  In store only.

Piz Buin sun lotions half price @ Tesco. In store only.

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I popped along to my local Tesco and spotted Piz Buin sun lotion half price. Most of the lotions are included in the offer including the One Day Long (which my partner uses and is very good).

I think this is a nationwide offer as I went into another Tesco yesterday and the offer was on in there too. I stocked up ready for my summer holiday. Bought a couple of Piz Buin One Day Long lotions for £6 each (RRP £11.99) and Piz Buin Tan Intensifier lotions for £8.50 (RRP £16.99)

Of all the lotions I've tried, I haven't been able to beat this brand for quality.

It doesn't appear to be on offer on Tesco.com. Not sure of expiry date.


What is the tan intensifier? Is it an aftersun or protection cream? I was looking at these in Asda today as they are reduced there, can't remember the exact prices but similar to tesco's I think, cheers x

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The tan intensifier is a sun protection product which comes in SPF 30, 15 and 6 (and 10 if you buy the dry oil spray).

It contains an ingredient called Melitan which mimics the process of the skin's natural stimulation of melanin. By enhancing this process, it allows for faster tanning (half the time I believe) but still safely.

I used it last year on holiday and got a gorgeous tan. I like to get a nice tan but I'm always careful not to burn (which is why I use Piz Buin as I never burn with their stuff).

Piz Buin is the best sun tan lotion I think, and I use their tan intensifier too. Will stock up if it's half price!

Good price but I think Piz Buin got terrible reviews from Which last year.

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Good price but I think Piz Buin got terrible reviews from Which last year.

That's interesting to know. I don't have full WHICH access but did a quick search and Piz Buin comes out as a 'Best Buy'. So not sure where the terrible reveiw comes in but would be interested to read about it (for my own safety!)

Here's what I found:

Sun screens you can trust

Garnier Ambre Solaire Moisturising Protection Milk: Which? SPF rating 18.1 (Best Buy)
Lancome Soleil Soft-Touch Moisturising Sun Lotion: Which? SPF rating 16.7 (Best Buy)
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Advanced Protection Lotion: Which? SPF rating 17.8 (Best Buy)
Piz Buin In Sun: Which? SPF rating 17.5 (Best Buy)
Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion: Which? SPF rating: 12.9
Superdrug Solait Suncare Sunshine Defence: Which? SPF rating: 12.4
The Body Shop Protect It! Sun Lotion For Body: Which? SPF rating: 12.6
Sun screens that failed the Which? tests

Malibu High Protection Lotion: Which? SPF rating 6.9 (Don't Buy)
Boots Soltan Sun Lotion: Which? SPF rating 8.7 (Don't Buy)
Wilkinsons Wilko Sun Protection System: Which? SPF rating 6.3 (Don't Buy)
Asda Sun System Lotion: Which? SPF rating 11.5
Don't Buys are products that have performed extremely poorly in tests.

Re my previous comment about my thinking that Piz Buin got bad which reviews last year.
I wonder if you have found new Which reviews? I access the magazine in traditional format in the library, still got it's uses!
I certainly remember that last year two of the best buys were Sainsbury and Asda and we used Asda products as Sainsbury's flew off the shelves never to reappear, does that say something about the Which demography?!
I will certainly look at Which tomorrow as it is time to buy more products and we want to buy the best so thank you for providing very detailed information.
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