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Dine In Only : 2 Classic Pizzas for £12 or 2 Romana Pizzas for £15 (Pizza Express Club Exclusive) @ Pizza Express

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Posted 3rd Aug 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

1. Valid Monday to Sunday from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 14th August 2022 inclusive, when you dine in one of our pizzerias.

2. Your will get:

  • Two Classic pizzas for £12, and / or
  • Two Romana pizzas for £15 (you can also swap your Romana pizza for a Leggera pizza)
3. Duo Romana and Calabrese pizzas, and Pasta and Salad dishes are not included in this reward and additional toppings are charged extra.

4. Please note swapping pizza toppings is not included in this reward and this is only available with the purchase of a full priced pizza.

5. Can't eat gluten? Ask for our gluten-free base pizza instead, but please note that it is only available in a Classic size.

6. Please note that some of our pizzas’ prices may include a small amount of discretionary donation to PizzaExpress’ official charity partners. These donations will be in addition to the set price. If you’d like to have this removed, just ask your waiter.

7. Only valid when dining in. Not valid on any collection or delivery orders.

8. This reward is limited to 2 Classic pizzas for £12 or 2 Romana pizzas for £15 only per PizzaExpress Club member account, per visit. Reward cannot be exchanged for cash.

9. You can't use this reward in conjunction with any other partner or PizzaExpress promotional offers (including PizzaExpress’ Lunch bundle), except for our Goodwill or How Did We Dough Survey vouchers.

10. This reward can be used in conjunction with other PizzaExpress Club rewards unless stated otherwise. You can also use it alongside other app members' PizzaExpress Club rewards if you’re splitting the bill.

11. Please note that if you’re a PizzaExpress Club Gold member, you will not be able to use your ‘Free Romana Upgrade’ reward to upgrade one of the Classic pizzas as part of this reward to a Romana base.

12. To claim your reward, simply apply it to your bill within the app.

13. Brought to you by: PizzaExpress, Hunton House, Highbridge Estate, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1LX.
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    You can also review a meal for free dough balls per person per visit. What is great about their loyalty scheme is that multiple people can check in at the table and use their different offers. Everything stacks
    We went for a meal on Sunday and both me and my wife used free dough balls, free soft drink, free side, she also had a free birthday dessert. Paid £35 instead of £60 plus.
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    The app is fiddly but excellent once you have got used to it as offers stack. I am making massive savings, gone are the days of Tesco Clubcard vouchers

    You get a free side every time on Bronze Tier. So I got 2 x halloumi bites at £5.95. Current offer 2 Romana pizzas for £15 instead of £14.95 each. Used 2 apps together but only managed to get 1 free drink £3.15 as our bill with the rewards came to less than £10 per head. Free dough balls for £4.95 for the “how did we dough survey” Total bill £18.15. Add the dough balls code in the “got a voucher” section and the £4.95 discount applied, no arguing if it is valid, it is!

    After you have dined you both get an email for the survey and hey presto 2 x dough balls codes.

    You add on your rewards via the app, so there is no having to deal with staff.

    I also purchased a gift card to pay the bill via Jam Doughnut with 8% cashback, so earnt £1.20 buying a £15 gift card. Get your bill, see what you need and buy it. They come through almost instantly and you don’t need to use the gift card in one go. TopCashback also have 12% cashback on Pizza Express gift cards but they take a couple of days to get hold of. I have ordered one for my next visit.

    If you are new to the app, find someone who already has it and get a referral code from them. Use it during registration and you both get a free starter when the new person dines in for the first time using the app. You get it then sign up your other half, friends etc. winner! (edited)
    Hi was wondering if you could tell me a couple things about the pizza express app as I've not any experience using it for the discounts if I have 2 different offer on my account like 2 seperate free starters from referring people can I use both of them at the same time when I visit? Also I have a free doughballs survey thing do I have to show it to the staff or can I add it to the bill myself on the app?
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    I've never been before and have the app could someone explain how it works please I've read the terms and find them a little confusing so can I use the 2 for 15 romano deal and use the free soft drink offer that's on my app. Also I have a survey voucher for free dough balls would I be able to use that as well?
    Was able to redeem the free soft drink and the pizza deal and the free dough balls on the app together it works like applying vouchers onto your account. After ordering with your server you use the app to check in with your table number, and then apply the vouchers to the items you had ordered to redeem. Good luck!
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    Great offer!!

    Went today - by using this offer and my silver rewards we had two classic pizzas, two strawberry lemonades, a portion of dough balls and a coffee for £12

    Replying to

    I’m not sure as I’m one stamp off gold myself!! But if it doesn’t specify you can’t do it in the Ts&Cs I don’t see why not as all the other app rewards stack. Sorry that’s not too helpful
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    The PE Club app has been a massive cost saver for me. It's a little complicated, but well worth getting to grips with.Went last weekend and managed to reduce a bill of £93 to only £27 .Paid with a discounted gift card (bought at Asda in June.)
    All thanks to gold and silver tiers on the app (plus a free birthday bottle of Prosecco )
    Gold and silver tiers? What the heck is that eve . Must read up, nice saving there! 😁
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    Sweaty deal
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    Drinks are so insanely expensive here, food would have to be free for it to be a deal.

    Replying to

    Same here. I pretty much drink water only with all of my meals at home, I prefer to enjoy the taste of the food and not mix it up with a sweet fizzy drink or even juice but each to their own.
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    Fit for a Prince
  9. Avatar
    Nice first post, thanks for sharing looks good.
  10. Avatar
    Thank you! Got a table book soon at my local restaurant!
  11. Avatar
    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread.
    Great first post too
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    I reduced todays bill from £44 to £24
  13. Avatar
    Can anyone offer a dummy's guide to using the Pizza Express app when eating in? Not obvious is it...
  14. Avatar
    Can you use you Tesco club card points?
    No sadly not - can't be used with Tesco clubcard vouchers
  15. Avatar
    Good offer, but the food isn't great
  16. Avatar
    How to redeem. Do i just show in app or fo we have to book table
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