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Pizza Express LARGE Pizzas HALF PRICE @ Morrisons £2.49
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Pizza Express LARGE Pizzas HALF PRICE @ Morrisons £2.49

Posted 27th Mar 2009
As per title, Morrisons are selling PIzza Express 12" pizzas, half price £4.99 to £2.49.


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American Hot
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Sainsbury are selling these for £1.99 not sure what size it is though
I can't drive at the mo because of an injury to me knee, can anyone take me I love these pizzas they must be the best ever XXXX
Didn't even know Morrisons stocked these. Hot, Sainsburys offer is for the smaller 8'' pizza.
Got one today. Never tried one before as usually avoid pizzas from supermarkets. I tend to make my own with all fresh ingredients and fresh dough. The wife will not eat anything else since the first one I made:thumbsup:

Sainsbury are selling these for £1.99 not sure what size it is though

Sainsburys are the smaller ones, more varieties though.

The big ones only come in three flavours, American Hot is AWESOME!!!
Got loads of these the other day, gonna be gutted when they go back upto £4.99 lol.
Arggghhh! grex9101 you beat me to it, I only saw them in Morrisons this morning. And, as stated, they have the American Hot (large size 536g) which I love, although it isn't really up to the restaurant made one. These are lovely pizzas all the same, not like those other bready monstrosities that get passed off as pizzas.

Oh, and don't forget to drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, it really adds to the restaurant style experience.

Heat added.
i had one of these pizza`s last night and both the wife and i thought they were very tasteless, a huge let down :-(
how do these compare to the goodellas delicias?
Ah we bought one of these the other day but I thought it had been posted already,such a good deal but how they justify it at £4.99 I will never know
Truly this is a great deal for phenomenally good supermarket bought pizzas. You cannot get better from the supermarket.
pile some fresh rocket on top- excellant
We had our amaerican hot one last night. Not impressed at all. Worth no more trhan £2.50 anyhow.

You can't beat freashly made pizza so will stick to making my own:thumbsup: Sure its a hot deal for some though.
As a personal opinion, I love pizza and have tried just about every supermarket brand (Dr. Oetkers etc.).

THIS is stand out exceptional - without doubt the best I've ever tasted from a supermarket. I assume as the pizzas are exclusively in a refrigerated rather than the seperate freezer pizza cabinet they 'are' relatively freshly made.

The dough is just perfectly soft and the whole thing comparable to a takeway at ~>£7

Well worth a bump as they are still at half price!

American Hot was perfect! Don't think I'll ever send out for Pizza again!
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