Pizza Hut deal - 33% off gluten free pizza

Pizza Hut deal - 33% off gluten free pizza



what is a gluten free pizza?
gluten-free awareness week?

give over

what is a gluten free pizza?

ask anyone who is on a gluten free diet ... oh wait they wont know

gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye etc, it only affects people with coeiliac disease, less than 1% of the population.

now you're all aware, week cancelled
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wish i never asked! i appreciate the sarcasm tho!
I don't really, just thought this was funny...
Whoa! That came out big! Whoops...
link doesn't work
I have it, if I eat anything with gluten in it gives me the worst stomach cramps and my bowels try to get everything out by whichever exit is easiest... Not a nice thing to have and it's a pain in the **** when people do it as a "diet" ...gluten free breads and things are usually higher in fat than standard foods to make them taste a bit better, so they're massively wasting their time as well as looking pretentious.
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It's not just the gluten free pizzas, it's the whole menu. Valid till Friday
I got this offer by email - seems like you need a code to get the deal.
I actually heard of some restaurants in America having to label things like steak as 'gluten-free' in order to keep business with the whole gluten free diet fad. Seems most people don't even know what it is if they think there is some in beef...
Another trend for the masses to follow (bar those with coeliac disease of course!)
It's not just people with coeliac disease that struggle with gluten. IBD (Crohns sufferers) can also have a problem as I believe can some people with IBS.
And there are those of us who have wheat intolerance or allergy. I appreciate this, OP!
My daughter has coeliac disease and she tried one of these saying it was awful!
Its an autoimmune disease actually that causes your immune system to attack and destroy your own body's healthy tissues and can make you really ill. It can also lead to people having other autoimmune diseases that can make life pretty miserable including your immune system attacking your heart and lungs. Fair enough if some of you don't have it or understand it - the awareness week clearly won't work on some of you. Im sure the idea is that you might want to go and learn a bit about it and so that people who do suffer from the disease get a little bit more support - even if it is just with an everyday think like going for a pizza (something I wouldnt actually be able to do with my little boy if places like pizza hut didnt offer a gluten free option and even he understands it! He's always making sure I'm eating the right things and obviously has more respect for it than some!). Some of the things I have on a daily basis because Im coeliac (and i dont think im even a bad case of it compared to others who have it) - chest pain, stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, dizziness, pain in my side, bruising to my legs, inflamed skin and eyes, joint pain, breathlessness. Other autoimmune conditions include
•Addison's disease
•Graves disease
•Hashimoto's thyroiditis
•Multiple sclerosis
•Myasthenia gravis
•Pernicious anemia
•Reactive arthritis
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•Sjogren syndrome
•Systemic lupus erythematosus
•Type I diabetes
You might want to look some of them up before you think its just someone being fussy and the awareness week should be "cancelled". Those with coeliac disease avoid gluten to survive and to prevent their bodies from killing themselves, not because they choose to.
Is this for delivery only and is this valid?
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