Pizza Hut Voucher Booklet
Pizza Hut Voucher Booklet

Pizza Hut Voucher Booklet

I was just reading through the pizza hut thread, and there seems to be a lot of people outside the catchment area, so I thought i'd suggest this.

I'm guessing more ppl will find out about it if I post it as a new topic.

Basically, if you live outside the catchment area for delivery, you can talk to your "local" pizza hut delivery manager, and tell them about it. They may give you a voucher booklet with various offers on it, some which come to mind are BOGOF, money off certain spends, 2 pizzas for a certain price etc etc. A few of my mates live outside catchment area and told their local delivery about it and all received a voucher booklet for collection only offers.


Moved to deals, as this is not a voucher in and of itself. Thanks

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hmm it was hard to find this post again, any reason why
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