Pizza Oven, Half Price, £79.99 @ Homebase

Pizza Oven, Half Price, £79.99 @ Homebase

Found 29th Aug 2016
Might be local, they had 3 in store this afternoon in Robroyston, Glasgow.

Available online, thanks Mart321.Link below, I cant get the url to paste in.

Heads up-
Best Authentic Naples pizza flour is called Caputo 00 tipo & Best Pizza sauce is from San Marzano d.o.p Tomatoes
both can be bought from Ebay seller called

many of us have been using them for awhile now and there great on the g3 ferrari ovens or real pizza ovens Plus they offer the flour in smaller quantities
- BoGoF
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Seems to be this price online aswell

Reviews aren't good.

Edited by: "mart321" 29th Aug 2016
where about is local?

just called up homebase off the A431 near bristol and none in store
Robroyston, Glasgow. Above comment says available online. I haven't looked. Hope you find one.
Caught my eye, but very mixed reviews on other sites, so just voted hot on price, but product not for me.
I've got a pizza oven already at home. It's called the oven! oO
They had 5 or 6 in the Nottingham store when I went in late yesterday
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