Pizza Stone set £6.92 at Amazon  ** see 'More Buying Choices' **

Pizza Stone set £6.92 at Amazon ** see 'More Buying Choices' **

Found 11th Apr 2011Made hot 11th Apr 2011
Kitchen Craft Italian Collection Pizza Stone, Stand and Pizza Wheel Set, 32cm

rrp £17.99

Pizza baking stone and serving set for crispy based pizza every time
High impact ceramic
Heavy duty chrome stand
Pizza cutting wheel
Size - 32cm Diameter

I've been keeping an eye on the price of this and it has just gone down in price.

The Aldi deal back in Feb got HOT for £7.99, looks like the same set:…e=2

Not sure how to put links in etc so hope this works!!

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Bought this a couple of weeks ago for £18! Its pretty decent and a bargain at £7

Bargain. Bought one thanks

I bought 3 - one for my daughter, one for my caravan and one for the house.

Great bargain. Thanks

Good spot
Much appreciated

Thanks, ordered 1.

Fancy Pizza for lunch now

These are brilliant. They make a world of difference to frozen pizza.

Thanks have some heat

Looks great and have ordered - thanks OP

Ordered one. Thanks.

Nice one, I had two but one cracked, been after a replacement. Have some heat, yeah.

Ordered one. Thanks. Heat added.

I have been looking for a cutter, and the stone only sweetens the deal

thanks, ordered and voted hot.

Absolute steal at this price.

Already got 2 so can't justify another one!!

We got one of these a while back, but no instructions !!! How the heck DO you work it ?


Thanks, needed one of these for a while. Ordered & heat.

Bought, good price. If it lasts a few months then you've done well.

Estimated delivery 23 May 2011 - 6 Jun 2011

Now £12.83

Thanks, ordered.

12.30 + 2 P&P


12.30 + 2 P&P

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Needs up-expiring, offer is still going strong.
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We got one of these a while back, but no instructions !!! How the heck … We got one of these a while back, but no instructions !!! How the heck DO you work it ?Thanks

Stick it in the oven at highest setting for 20-30mins whilst you make up the pizza base, then when your pizza is ready to cook then just slide it on (using a peel or similar) and the heat from the stone cooks the base to a crisp. You can sprinkle flour and/or cornmeal (polenta) on it to help prevent sticking if you have a particularly sticky dough but shouldn't need it otherwise.

Don't plunge the stone into water or put it anywhere where it could suffer from thermal shock - it will crack. Also don't wash it with suds as it is porous, and you'll taste soap for ages afterwards if you do. Just scrape off any melted cheese/toppings whilst it's still hot, then rinse with water AFTER it has cooled down.

Thanks - I just got the last one!

Still live, dunno why it's expired!

Thank you, I've ordered just before it expired :-)

thanks....just's still on....why expired?

ordered. thanks

Not expired, just ordered one! (See above post)

Despite late mailing date, suspect this will move forward - I think with these things, this date is the projected date that they think they will hit quota to put a bulk order in for the item. If lots of people from here order this, that quota will be hit very early and the date will move forward a lot. This theory seems sound and is based in part on early delivery of my Pyrex casseroles this morning, that was in a similar situation re delivery date.

Please unexpire Just ordered one- I can wait 5-7 weeks

Its still available at this price, you just need to choose the amazon one not the default one!


Bought, good price. If it lasts a few months then you've done well.

How can it not last a few months? It's a lump of stone! The slicer may not last too long but we all own a knife surely.

this isn't expired. Please unexpire.

just ordered please unexpire. if you wanna slice heat added

Still going, just got one

At a distance, it looks like Stewie's head.
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At a distance, it looks like Stewie's head.

I like it!!

I'm quite new to posting on here - as the OP do I 'unexpire' this (if so how?) or is a mods thing?

Fantastic just ordered one, hopefully it will sort out the soggy middles on frozen pizza.

Showing price as16.00

DON'T GET IT WET!! And most importantly... don't feed it after midnight!!!

No really, If you wash these stones moisture can be trapped in the porous material causing it to crack the next time you put it in the oven... Just scrape off the worst and bung it back in the cupboard well seasoned.
Pizza peel is a must and cost about a tenner...
Or go the whole hog and build your own clay oven How to guide here by Simon Brookes
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