Pizza Stone with Paddle - £7.95 at Amazon  (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

Pizza Stone with Paddle - £7.95 at Amazon (free delivery £10 spend/prime)

Found 23rd Dec 2014
was looking for a pizza paddle, then i saw this 1 already included with the ceramic stone.

paddle alone costs about same price as this set, if not more.

got mine delivered. bought 2 more as xmas pressies, as it looks posh, decent enough as gift for pizza lovers. (those bespoke vouchers came handy too :p). been using paddle also as chopping board & preparing sandwiches. really useful, not just for cooking those free ristorante pizza ;).

amazon's item description says it's square, but it's obviously a rectangle (38cm x 33cm).

brand name: Leifheit
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Its a bargain for less than £8. Already used it and its just fine.

Some others complained it cracked while in use. Although not in the instructions, I have heard that with this type of stones, you must first time gently heat up in oven and let stay at the high heat for one hour. This will toughen up the stone.

Its also easy to stain it and the stains will not come off as the tile is porous. So I recommend sealing it with some veg oil before the first heating


Update 14th/Nov

Yes ... and despite all my initial enthusiasm it cracked in the oven. Looks like an issue with this product that eventually they crack. Maybe that's why they are such a "bargain" (not) !!

To give credit, Amazon CS agreed to send me another new one. Lets see how that fairs. I guess much the same.
yeah mixed reviews. hopefully ours would last, as i really love it. been using it quite a while now, more than 10x. those sauce stains in the stone just adds flavour to the cooking food the more u use it. we even use ours for cooking bacon/steaks. sounds unhygienic though as it's not washable just like any other pizza stone of this type. but it lives inside our oven.

i use lime or lemon peel to scrape off bits after every usage.
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I've always found pizza stones crack when they become oily, maybe just me but I only cook dry foods on mine or use a liner if something is oily and my current one is over a year old and lives in the oven so been heated at least 200 times.
thank you. ordered!
thanks! was looking for this.
ordered two. Now had email cancelling however they are still available on amazon for same price??

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