Plain Lazy SANTA'S LUCKY SACK £29 RRP £63

Plain Lazy SANTA'S LUCKY SACK £29 RRP £63

Found 5th Dec 2014
Plain Lazy Mystery Bag, could be good for stocking fillers!

If you choose Kids T Shirts the RRP will be £45

The package you receive will include:
- 2 x Mystery T Shirts (RRP upto £44*)
- 1 x Tin Mug (RRP £8)
- 1 x Keyring (RRP £2.50)
- 1 x Drawstring Bag (RRP £3)
- 2 x Air Fresheners (RRP £6)
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I can't believe this was ever £63. I wouldn't pay £29 for a couple of t shirts and few cheapy bits
Ok, maybe now its a more realistic price, but still good for stocking fillers!
It is what it says. Plain lazy. And a rip off! Stick to doing your own,it's more personalised and at least it's with stuff you know or hope they like
These are great value, bought many times before. Free delivery with code FRDLVRY
Hot from me OP:3
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