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Posted 19 April 2023

Planes, Trains and Automobiles 4K UHD - £2.99 to Buy @ Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon have just added the 4K version! Cheapest ever price

My favourite John Hughes comedy
I can watch this time and again, fab picture quality too

A stressed executive (Steve Martin) and a bluff travelling salesman (John Candy) form an uneasy alliance when their plane is grounded due to bad weather. Candy offers to share a hotel room with Martin while they wait for the storm to subside, and Martin accepts.

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One of the most outrageous and beloved holiday comedies of all time, Steve Martin and John Candy star in director John Hughes’ hysterical and heartwarming tale of travel gone awry. Neal Page (Martin) is an uptight advertising executive trying to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. When rerouted to Wichita, Neal reluctantly partners with Del Griffith (Candy), an obnoxious yet loveable salesman. Together, they embark on a cross-country adventure that includes multiple modes of transportation, unbelievable mishaps, intimate motel accommodations, and unforgettable rental car shenanigans.

Content advisory - Violence, alcohol use, smoking, foul language
Audio Languages - English, English [Audio Description], Español (España), Italiano, Español (Latinoamérica), Português, Français
Subtitles - English [CC], Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Svenska
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  1. mittromney's avatar
    Great outdoors
    And The Jerk were good films too.
  2. tightyorky's avatar
    One of the best films
  3. Mugginz's avatar
    What a film. RIP John Candy, the legend.
  4. B0ne5's avatar
    Bought it & just watched it. John candy is the best.
  5. stuartc74's avatar

    That's ridiculous, how would he know where we're going?
  6. james_marchant's avatar
    I’m voting hot. Just because… John candy. We lost a good one there
  7. smudgyboy's avatar
    See the Bear's game last night?
    HobbsEnd's avatar
    Hell of a game, hell of a game
  8. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    When America used to make really good comedy movies (I don't think I have seen a funny American movie since the early 2000's).

    ...and this is one of the very best American Comedy Movies.
    pukenukem's avatar
    Totally agree. We often say that Americans don't do comedy well, but that's just not true, especially when you look at the movies produced in the 1980s, many of them John Hughes in fairness, but you also had great horror comedies around then too, The Lost Boys, American Werewolf, the original Fright Night! Base it on the last 15-20 years, just brash, unsubtle 'trying to be funny' humor.
  9. Maxim7750's avatar
    Lovely film,I found it impossible to watch John candy without smiling
    HobbsEnd's avatar
    & of course, a tear or two in the eye at the end.
  10. Danger_Mouse's avatar
    Those aren't pillows!!!
    bald_vale's avatar
    You beat me to it
  11. haggisheid's avatar
    State Trooper: Do you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel?
    Del: Yes, I do. Yes, I really do, I believe that. I know it's not pretty to look at, but it'll get you where you want to do.
    State Trooper: Now, you got no outside mirror.
    Del: No, we lost that.
    State Trooper: You have no functioning gauges.
    Del: No, not a one. However, the radio still works. Funny as that may seem, with all this mess, that the radio is the only thing that's really working good, and it's clear as a bell, don't ask me how.
  12. Leg-End's avatar
    Less than the price of a set of Czechoslovakian ivory shower curtain rings. Instant buy.
  13. smudgyboy's avatar
    Oh, that will buff out!!
  14. haggisheid's avatar
    State Trooper:
    What the hell are you driving here?

    We had a small fire last night, but we caught it in the nick of time.

    Do you have any idea how fast you were going?

    Funny enough, I was just talking to my friend about that. Our speedometer has melted and as a result it's very hard to see with any degree of accuracy exactly how fast we were going.

    Classic!!! (edited)
  15. smudgemobile's avatar
    The late Great John Candy thought he was great.
  16. Suede's avatar
    You see that Bears game last week??
  17. BARKMAN's avatar
    Bought it a while back- will Amazon upgrade to 4K like iTunes does?
  18. TheDongMaster's avatar
    one of my old bosses always spoke about how Steve Martin is the funniest comedian ever to have existed........imagine he's the only one
  19. boxedin's avatar
    Same price on iTunes also with 4k but with iTunes extras
  20. kevann's avatar
    Classic Comedy requires Heat!
  21. login.name's avatar
    Can I pay for this movie with a casio?
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