Planescape Torment (PC) - £8.95 @ The Game Collection
Planescape Torment (PC) - £8.95 @ The Game Collection

Planescape Torment (PC) - £8.95 @ The Game Collection

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Great old school RPG - definately one to have on your notebook.

Planescape: Torment is set in the Planescape "multiverse" of AD&D, a setting which consists of various planes of existence, the creatures which live in them (such as devils, modrons, and even deities), and the properties of the magic that infuses each plane. Planescape: Torment is the first video game to be set in the Planescape universe.

The first part of Planescape: Torment takes place in Sigil, a city, located atop an infinitely tall spire at the center of the multiverse, that connects the planes with each other via a series of portals. The city is overseen by the powerful Lady of Pain, while fifteen factions control different functions of the city related to each group's world view. Every faction strives for further control of the city. Several of these factions can be joined by The Nameless One during the game. The story eventually moves on to other planes, such as Baator and Carceri, where The Nameless One continues to discover more about his past.

Game Features

* Planescape: Torment is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons single player fantasy roleplaying game, set in TSRs Planescape campaign setting
* character creation is just the beginning throughout the game your character adapts to fit your own personal gaming style
* the planescape universe is a setting youve never experienced before, filled with sharp-edged visuals, bizarre adversaries, and strange magic
* encounter inventory items with personalities. Manage an unpredictable party of the strangest allies to walk the faces of alternate planes
* you can regenerate, speak with the dead, and have magical immunities. Youre a power to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, so is everyone else
* built with the bioware infinity engine, the same game engine used in baldurs gate.


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Old game, re-released. Runs great on a notebook, but also fantastic for anyone who likes old school RPGs ...

Picked this up from Zavvi just before xmas, brilliant game.

Heat added.
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