Planet dress reduced from £129 to £9.00 @ Debenhams

Planet dress reduced from £129 to £9.00 @ Debenhams



Gorgeous! A great find.
Great Find!:)

The Jacket to go with it is £159 !…_-1
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What are planet sizes like? Great find!
This deserves to be the deal of the day! Heat added!
There are loads of other dresses heavily discounted as well. With other dresses you can get an extra 15% with code VH37. I just searched the sale dresses then ordered them into best discount first.
Brilliant find, god I wish I suited dresses!!!
Ordered for my GF cheers OP
any delivery codes?
Click and collect is free
Dagnam it, out of stock

Dagnam it, out of stock

All sizes still showing as being available
No click and collect showing for me
Thanks just ordered look lovely
Click & Collect not available for concession items. However if you spend £30 uou qualify for free home delivery.
If you have a debenhams card it's free delievery
All sizes available ! remember BT all those yrs ago ' not very popular is it ' oO

+ dry clean only
Was this actually worth £129? Can anyone enlighten me?
Just ordered it looks a classic design so should get lots of wear and ideal for those one or two summer days when it's hot in the office but still need to look smart. Hope jacket gets reduced!

Many thanks for posting.

Only size 16&18 available now missed this one! Heat added from me
Planet sizes are quite generous! Fab find x
Just an update... I was showing my friend this dress as I have ordered it for a wedding and popped on to the Planet website because its no longer on the Debenhams website - on the planet website its still £129 and is showing as New Seasons Stock!!!!
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Has anyone got their dress yet ?

Nope -


Has anyone got their dress yet ?

Nope, i haven't got mine yet - the status of the order is "Order submitted to supplier"

Anyone else got theirs?
I have just received this from Debemhams...
We regret to inform you that we have experienced a small technical issue which has resulted in our website displaying some ‘Jacques Vert’ items being priced incorrectly; as a result of this error, any orders placed for these items have been cancelled. Any money debited from your bank account will be returned to you and should show on your records within the next 5 working days.
I received an email from Debenhams about a pricing error for 'Jacques Vert' items and that they would not fulfill the order.

I had not placed an order for any of those but had an order for this Planet dress! Anyone else received a similar email or is just a generic email about Jacques Vert items and nothing to do with Planet?!
Yes me too I am really annoyed surely they should have realised their mistake sooner :-/
Iv got the same email I'm so upset I loved the dress
Jacques vert make planet clothes
me too - cancelled
I got an e-mail saying pricing error
Just got an email, order has been cancelled due to a pricing error.
Same reply for moi even though it was gonna be a surprise gift for the peg.. "See what you could've had" I told her in my best Jim Bowen voice!
Same email here too - typical when I had ordered a class pair of shoes from Clarkes sale to match them
Can we not ring debenhams and complain
Same email here too - sent the other items though that I only bought to get free delivery....
Has anyone received their dress?
Ordered but got an email stating not been fulfilled as it was a technical pricing error, also spoke to them NOT HAPPY as its not being honoured at that price - anyone else got the same?
I spoke to customer services got nowhere with them just kept saying they were sorry
yes my order has been cancelled. surely they still have to honour the price despite it being a mistake. just like the mistake with the samsung tablets - the price was still honoured. just received an email saying order cancelled and price refunded
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